Anthropology Records

This is an attempt to create a complete Anthropology Records discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1982   WCKR SPGT Cmplt Wckr Spgt K7 Apathy/Of Life Is/(I'm On) No-Doz Again/Meet The Johnsons/Pakistan In '78/Making Love In The Pew/FYI/I Go To Pieces Over You (Beach Version)/I Go To Pieces Over You (Studio Version)/I Hate You And Your Mom/Shoot (Don't Shoot)/The Joy Of Generics/Been Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby/Fly, Robin, Fly/With A Gesture Almost Frantic/Mother, Susan Cries/Steve (Steve)/Helping Out With Dad/The Crunge/For Every Burned Child/Tell Me About Joel
1983   WCKR SPGT Cassette Project #1 K7 Six Months/Tri City/Geometry/Raw Suffocation/Roadhouse Blues/Shoot The Man In The Tree/Main Street Electrical Charade/I Wanna Tell Ya Bout Yr Mother/Love Choo-Choo/Saturday Night/Weird Girl/Cats/Losing Jane/Lady On The Beach/Bad Head/Santa Fucks His Elves/I Get So Sick Of Christmas/I Will/Push It Aside
1984   WCKR SPGT Greatest Hits Vol. II K7 Stranded/Explosions In The Sky/At The Ball/More/Sister Theresa/Yoko Baby/Mr. Speed/Mr. Speed (Version)/I'll Throw You To The Earth Pigs/Mom- Thanks For Talking To Me About Sex/I Don't Think/You'll Like This Mom/I Live With A Girl That's Five Years Old/For The First Time I'm Doing Something I Like
1984   WCKR SPGT The Monroe Pole Show K7 Late For The Plane/Late Night TV/Actress-Love Animal/Some Take It Wrong/Late For The Plane II/Some Of Our Favorite Things/Invading You/Late-Actress/On With
1985   WCKR SPGT Spgtmuzik K7 Stranded/Explosions In The Sky/At The Ball/More/Sister Theresa/Yoko Baby/Mr. Speed/Mr. Speed (Version)/I'll Throw You To The Earth Pigs/Mom- Thanks For Talking To Me About Sex/I Don't Think/You'll Like This Mom/I Live With A Girl That's Five Years Old/For The First Time I'm Doing Something I Like The Electric Needle/You'll Have To Lie/Happy Hour/Frenzy/Eddie Cochran/What I Could Do To You/Should I Clean It Up/Heaven's Coming (Live)/Yes, Alcohol/Real Time/Just Because/Mixed Company/Put It Down/Sophie's Choice/Cold Bubbles/Customs/Howard-Valium/San Luis Obispo/This Dream Is Finished/Jon The Cow/Untitled/Heaven's Coming (Reprise)/Sex Fart/I Had To Think Twice/Ocean/Drunk On The Freeway/Charter/Yellow Carpet/My Love/Waterway/Happy Death Song
1985   WCKR SPGT Power Drops EP K7 Because I Love You/Power Drops/Bad Actress/Willy/Sharon (I Need Water)
1986   WCKR SPGT Spastic War Bats K7 Gravel/Trains On My Feet/Howard's Love Song/The Staffords/Pretty Girl/Tracks/Evil Phonemen/Headfoot/Candy Anne/Her Nights/She's Not Funny (Except To Laugh At)/Winter/Thoughts Of Old Girl/Dimmitt's Lament/Destination: Rome/We Will Feed The Mice/Hollow Clock/Lies/To Look Forward/Your Face (A Silhouette)/Loose Change/Dead Old Men/Monday/Death Bed Sex Wench/Slice/Pride Milkshake/Costa Meza
1986   WCKR SPGT The Charles Mansion - Act One: The Charles Mansion K7 No Sign Of Danger/Ox Chase/The Girl (Still Running)/House On The Hillside, Stranger/In Retrospect/No Sign Of Danger Pt. II/Goodbye, Ox/Should I Go In?/The Charles Mansion/Rude Awakening/Uninvited Guest At A Dinner Party/Everything's Scary
1986   WCKR SPGT Drops Of Love K7 (Reissued by Shrimper in 1991) She's A Wire/Box Girl/The Choice Is Mine (Alone)/Don't Let Criminals Destroy Your Life/The Best Of Tension/Books/Assault TV/She's Not Funny (Except To Laugh At)/Benny And The Jets/Gone To Stay (Live)/Winter/South Africa/Gravel/Trains On My Feet/Phonemen/Welcome To The Animal Kingdom/Fleas/Loose Change/Sharp And Yellow
1987   WCKR SPGT Dance Til You Stop K7 (Reissued by Shrimper in 1991)Lonesome Lamborn pt. I/In My Wall/All For You/Dance Til You Stop/Face Down Drowning/Juliana Panics/Persymphony/Lonesome Lamborn pt. II/Blue Vinyl/Dreaming of This Kingdom/This Is Heaven/Garden of Delight/Circle K/Jon The Cow/Because I Love You/Meow (Woo-Woo)
1987   WCKR SPGT Live '82-'87 K7Intro To Bradbury's - 1982/Theme From "Laverne And Shirley"/Fuck Tequilla/My Babe (She Likes Me)/ Zimbabwe Trust/I've Been Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby/ Bakersfield Reality/(I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone/Louie, Louie - Wild Thing/I Hate You And Your Mom/Reduce Me/Misery/Nome, Alaska/Six Foot Rats/Louie Louie/Ruthless/Gone To Stay/Good Mood - Hispanics On TV/Baby's Got A Brand New Worm/Intro To 1987/Psychotic Reaction/Power Drops/Howard's Introduction At The Limbo Lounge - 07-23-87/It's Your Spine/Bad People/I Drink Water Like A Dog/The Chain/Hitchhike/Where Were You?/Adultery/Secondhand News/Wiggly/Welcome To New Year's Eve 1987/Torch The Porch Pet (Extended)/Truckin'/Assault TV/I Just Wanna Make A Whole Lotta Paranoid Love To Your Sister Theresa/Making Love In The Pew/Circle K
ANT008 POCKET-O-PIANO Craft Cottage K7Sustacal/Jon The Crow/Cat World/Flower In The Room/Moor/Automobile/Cornstalks/Voodoo/Craft Cottage/Some Days/Give It Up/Tippey Toe Away/Pearl/Sunset/Oysters/Maniac/Stop That!/The Sun Will Come Out/Beg For Music/When I Grow Up/We Only Have Fun/Kinder Helfen Mir/Out Takes
ANT022 WCKR SPGT Mudworm Talk Sex Films & Shinding/Codfucker (K7 Anthropology Records)Imaginary Wife/Fleas/Kill Whitey/Hypnotized/Holding Back/The Mansion Revisited/Satan Homo (Dogs On The Stairs)/Funk In The Basement/Dust Bunnies/Baby's Got A Brand New Worm/Shine/Intro To Shindig/Gone To Stay/Where Were You?/It's Your Spine/Assault TV/Whole Lotta Paranoid Love/Hitchhike/She's A Wire/The Chain/Wiggly/Rock Me Gently/Psychedelic Madhouse/Outro
ANT028 WCKR SPGT Fire In The Hole K7 Driving With Joel Pt. 1/Some Folks/Spot/Driving With Joel Pt. 2/The Sun Comes Out (To Destroy Everything)/In Short (Art)/On KSPC Pt. 1 And Driving With Joel Pt. 3/Let's Move To The Big Screen/Handguns For Teens/Driving With Joel Pt. 4/Driving With Joel Pt. 5/Whole Lotta Love/On KSPC Pt. 2/Little Black Heap Of Depression/Inside You/Driving With Joel Pt. 6/Dad Baby/Heart Of Loneliness/Driving With Joel Pt. 7/(Oh, No) I'm In Trouble Again/Driving With Joel Pt. 8
ANT029 CASH NEXUS The History Of The Ketchup Bear Vol I (K7 Anthropology Records)Dance Of The Melancholy Abalone/TV Audition/Pool Of Kings/(Can You) Sea/Afja/One-Eno (Intro)/The Pixley Variations/One-Eno/Kitty Bop (Potion Called Love)/Things I Want/Botta/Ain't It A Shame/Lay Awake And Dream/Sharon (I Need Water)Because I Love You/J'Aime/Ten Foot Woman/Obsession/I Get So Sick Of Christmas/Jon The Cow/A Forgotten Memory/To Dance (As If We Were Dancing)/Diamond/Walk Away Blind Lee/Let's Go Steal A Stationwagon
ANT029 CASH NEXUS The History Of The Ketchup Bear Vol II (K7 Anthropology Records)Pleasure Hutch/Telephone Girl's Voice/Love Choo Choo/Televiceration/Sue's Big hair/Justice/The River Unfolds/Jon The Cow/Red Thick/Rat Head/The Mansion Revisited/This Is Heaven/The Cats Demise/The Three Fingered Laugh/Requiem/Time Is All We Earn/Wiggly/Purina Baby/Jump Right Back/Featherbed/It Doesn't Matter Today/Nothing To Write Home About, Really
1988 WCKR SPGT 5 Years (Aloha) K7 (Reissued by Shrimper) Tri City/Losing Jane/Late For The Plane/I Live With A Girl That's Five Years Old/Irene/What I Could Do To You/Ground Zero/Texas Pipedream/Power Drops/Vietnam/Slime/Trains On My Feet/Evil Phonemen/Monday/She's A Wire/Best Of Tension/Candy Anne/Radio Caroline/The World Belongs To Sol And Hank/In My Wall/Juliana Panics/No Sign Of Danger/Blue Vinyl/Assault TV/Wiggly/The Chain/Feeder Sane
1990   WCKR SPGT Cheese Box K7Welcome To Cheese Box/Out Of This World Santa Claus/Xmas Carols/Santa Fucks His Elves/Jingle Bells/Deck The Halls/Silent Nacht/Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town/Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer/Bonus Cheese Box Carols/The 2002 Talking Calendar/January/February/March/April/May/June/July/August/ September/October/November/December
1991   WCKR SPGT Live '87-'91 K7Nine-Inch Blade/The Sun Comes Out To Destroy Everything/Shine/Intro To 04-26-1988 KSPC/Rock Me Gently/The Hi Brow Lounge Is A Serious Bar/Band Chatter/Intro To The Final Pop Experience 04-30-1988/Gone To Stay/Spot/Torch The Porch Pet/Box Girl/Black (Stalk A Long Trench)/Wiggly/Makin' Out With Santa/Holiday Scent/Santa Was A Woman/Santa Fucks His Elves/A Child's Hope For The Resurrection, Or Jesus Bring My Grandpa Back/Bad People/Circle K/Hitchhike/It Takes A Lot/Crush It/A Thousand Hail Marys/International Church Of Pancakes/That's Rock And Roll/Indestructable Moth/She Lies/I'll See You In Heaven/South Of Heaven/Spill The Blood/Fluffy Cat/Jesus Egg/Making Love Will Cure My Sick Heart/Zombie President