Union Pole

This is an attempt to create a complete Union Pole discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

UP01 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Legend Of Ross K7 THE STOWAWAYS Next Trip/JUPITERIA Shut Them Off/CALIFORNIA Speaker Song/CONNIPTIONS House Of Thrills/ACTION PUSSY Random/LONG HIND LEGS Tower Of Babble/CONNIPTIONS Disco Junkie/MUKILTEO FAIRIES Queer Enough For You/NEW BAD THINGS AMber Crush (Live)/CAPITAL EYE Good Bye Kitty/LULU The Rotting Pop Song/WALLPAPER Pretty Southern Memories/SONE The New Action (Live)/MUKILTEO FAIRIES Song For Jane
UP02 WALLPAPER The Various Decorative Exemples Of... K7Hi/De-Activate/Fishy Space/Brownspot Of the Moon/Plain/Hmmmmmmm.../Red Pills/Return Signals/Solar Motion Lotion/The Glory Trail/Subway To Heaven/Shady/Hospital Tray/Bait/Only One That Counts/Dishwater Excerpt/Grid 'N' Demdar Hills/Silver/Vroom/Doc. Smiley: The Patient/If Only Birds Had Fountains/Nestina/Revolution Texas Style/Spray/Creative Process '78/Grassy Knolls And The Wind Mons/Box O' Postcards/Pollyfuse (A Lovers Theme)/Lone Pine Desert Explosion/Homosapien Volcano Of/Sweeteeikeelu Laterrr
UP03 MATTHEW HATTIE HEIN Long Distance Letter Roses & Ramen K7John Has A Crush On A Femme From Reed/Turtleneck Sweater/Takeoff That Sweater!/Like A Car/Everything You Hear Is True/Moon And Stars/For Myself And K./Faith, Hope, Luck/I'll Say I Knew You/Other People's Clothes/Don't Say It's The Worst The Worst Yet By Far, No/Manage-a-quat/The Good Guys Win/Roomate/Geniuses Vs. Everybody/Know Something/Clique Town, Pt. Two/Wasted At Powells/So Messed Up/Cold/Happy Thanksgivin'/The Montage/Open 'Till 5 a.m./Wasted In The Shower/So Dropped Out/1,000/Bedtime Song
UP04   WALLPAPER Slow Love Songs About Drugs And Horsies K7Reconstruct And Rewind/Feed/T.V. Dinners (1955)/Hollow/You're So Fucked Up & I Want To Eat Yo Face/Fade/Cornbread/Cheap Date/Drug Deal At The OK Corral/A Somber Moment Between Friends/Pittsburgh Point Pick Up/Kentucky Savior's Anthem/Lone Pine Desert Valium/Neeruoyhkecitisminyoface
UP05 NOGGIN Honesty Hope Notions Lotions K7 Honesty Is The Best Fallacy-Hope We Didn't Get Any Blood On You/Tales Of Elastic Notions/Tales Of Fantastic Lotions
UP06 IRVING KLAW TRIO The Pin-Up King K7 Intro, Piano Keys For A Staircase/La Pelota De 8/Baby Blue Dodge Dart/Blow Smoke!/Bright Moments.../Love Sexy J. J./Three Neils/Baby, You Rock My Sol/American Tourist 1 & 2 (Pounding Pavement)/Passion Woman, Orange #5/Ivory Stock
UP07 WHAM-O Confused Over Expression Impression K7 There & Back In 20/Over Extended/All My Ideas Are Stolen Vol. I: Loren Mazzacane/Counting/Alpha Desperation March/Death Race - 2000/Little Rootie Tootie (Monk)/Josh Has A Crush On A Femme From Reed/American Tourist 1 & 2/Here Is Where/Sambo Groove #1/In A Crowd Of 3/Failing At The Point (Live)/Power/Winnie Cooper/Not Now-Right Now... N.B.C.
UP08   HELP ME Strobe Photos Of A Falling Cat  
UP09 JARVIK VII/BONE CURE Jarvik VII/Bone Cure K7JARVIK VII Real Time/Low Back End/Nobody Saw That One Coming/Tons Of Goodies/BONE CURE Banished From Dansville/Will You Hold My Hand?/Shirt And Tie Loser
UP11 WALLPAPER Domestic Landscape Activities Vol. 5 K7A Welcome/Television/2 Much Tyme 'N' Th' Sun/Nesting/Magic And Spooky (The Witch)/Senses/Shifting/Ramblin W' Jackson/Rapid Transportation/Pedestrian Drama/Bored/All You Want/Preacher Says/The Gravity King/Moving Forward/Gravitron/Creative Process '78/Bermuda Jack's Last Stand/Dead/Montana/Hollow/Seeds/Nuclear Family Nr./Plain/Freeway To The Stars/An American Trailer Park/Lil' Pink Sunflower/Han Solo/Grazin' County/Shady
UP12   SALIVA This Is Saliva 
UP13A VARIOUS ARTISTS Everybody Knows This Is (UP13) Nowhere (Vol. 1) K7PAN-AM I Love Refrigerator/CALLOUS Kung-Fu/AZALIA SNAIL Azvealia/LESLI-O Vitamin C/MATTHEW HATTIE HEIN & WHAM-O Capital/FROGGER Oh David/IRVING KLAW TRIO Love = ↑/KARP Flour Puss (Live)/ACTION PUSSY Last Day
UP13B VARIOUS ARTISTS Everybody Knows (That) This Is Nowhere (Vol. 2) K7FURNITURE HUSCHLE I've Often Thought About Your Remaining Eye/SOUTH BEVERAGE Moon And Stars/HELP ME Stack Of Cats With Human Lips/PASTE Telescopes/NOGGIN I'm Gonna Untie Your Shoe Laces/THE TEAMSTERS The Mombo Kings Take The Mic Again
UP14 AZALIA SNAIL The Teenage Bedroom Tapes 1987 - 1991 K7The River Mortis/Deep Trouble/The Nothing Dawned/Departurer/Never Knew A Hi Could Be So Scary/Won't Be Here Again/A Kashmir Cloud/Then Again/Strawberry Sunday/0ld Toys/Coming In For The Landing/Mating Seasoning/Teenage Bedroom
UP15 CONNIPTIONS Pistol Whipped '76 K7Prelude/Born Bad/Let's Get Funky (Make It Groovy)/Heaven/Part Time Mamma Full Time Woman/Go Tell It On The Mountain/These Boots Are Made For Walkin'/Honky Tonk/Disco Junkie/House Of Thrills/Mother Of Pearl/PBS/The Messhall (Baby)/Dream/Pistol Whipped
UP16 TONY GREEN (ORCHESTRA) Greatest Hits K7I Didn't Love You Anyway/Josh Doe/Peter And Diane/It's Hard To Write A Love Song When You Don't Love Me/Jamocha Almond Fudge/Why Don't You Love Me Like You Never Did/Muscle Man/I Think I Like It Better When We're Together/It's Christmas Eve And She's Tired Of Me/Brian's Song/Pay Attention To Me/Harry Flavel/Should I Call You, "Daddy," Doctor?/Two Women On My Hands/Andy's Maggot
UP17 BLOWHOLE Explicit Catharsis K7Styrofoam Needle Sandwich/Sixteenth/Eedle/People Must Eat/Explicit Catharsis
UP18 IRVING KLAW TRIO Irving Klaw Trio K7170 Ways/Love = High/Earn It (Es.g.)/Lounge It/357 Museum And The damage Done/Worth It/Jeff Wakes His dad?/Keeping People Alive/(Sonic Youth Come)/American Tourist Pt. 1/Love/(I've Got A) Ticket To Ride
UP19 CRANK STURGEON/WHAM-O Split K7 (Corelease with Crank Incorporado)CRANK STURGEON You See.../...I Grope To An Am Shudder Whereby The Rainfall Rubbed With Auto Rytes Becomes Troughs Of Static.../...Lineated Into Currents And Stripes Of Grey, Needing A Volume Boost/WHAM-O So Stuck On One Thing Coming True/Who's Blues?/Reynolds Highschool, Circa 1994/Hollowed Out/"Sound"-Feels So Good/Flirting
UP20 MARK Regressing K7Brave/Pink Pages/Stringing You Along/Something Strange/Something About Red/Daytime Emmy/Picture Trouble/Four Proposals/Beach - Store/Ash/Snoopy/12. Turning A Dissipated Son Out-Of-Doors/The Unabashed Dictionary
UP21   HARPIN W/ COREY I Want More Candy K7Untitled/Untitled
UP22   CRAYON SKIDDER Buck Rodgers 
UP23   ASRIELLE Asrielle 
UP24   BRUISER Infant 
UP25   A BAND Live At 7th Annual Neil Young Convention, 1994 
UP26 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Bottle Of Gallo: Highlights Of Union Pole Fest - 1994 K7HELP ME Untitled/IRWING KLAW TRIO Untitled/BONE CURE Untitled/WALLPAPER Untitled/NEW BAD THINGS Untitled/TONY GREEN Untitled/MARK (WITH ROB) Untitled/AZALIA SNAIL Untitled/MATTHEW HATTIE HEIN Untitled
UP27   HELP ME Current Issue: Here! 
UP29 PD !!!Cuba. Planet Cuba!!! K7Aromatic Cigar For Saint Lazarus/Ellegua Needs Fresh Blood/Puta!!!!!/Yanquis/Gusano Traitors/The Black Queen/Obatala/Oggun/Various Body Parts In Jars For Sale In Havana!!!
UP30 probably never released WALLPAPER  
UP31   JACKIE-O MOTHERFUCKER Jackie-O Motherfucker 
UP32 CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS Climax Golden Hiss K7Weather King/37 Seconds/What Was Pointless/Pitch/Otomo/Cowboy Nightmare/Climax Golden Twins/Vs./Otalgia
UP34 COFFEE Plouble Datinum K7Untitled/Untitled
UP35   KITE HEIGHT Kite Height 
UP37   DOGLIVEROIL Amp Tamper Rampant PeckerToothache Comes In Spring Part One/Toothache Comes In Spring Part Two
UP38   INCA EYEBALL Our Drummer Always Plays In The Nude 
UP39   HOUSEHOLD OBJECTS CollaborationUntitled/Untitled
UP40   TRUMANS WATER Cough Forth Such Dilemmas K7**Yikes! Emission/Pitfull Of House/An Enormous And Sad Lump/Replete With Cheapie (Parts 1 And 2)/Glutzon Boregum/Enough Cutting Fistage/Rattle-Past Chock-Full/The Familiar Throes Of A Wicked Bummer/Well-Aimed Harangue/(Noise/Pan/Water)/The Big Ragoo/Beer-Tickle Klutski/Samovar Speedtrap/Nimble Goff-Cram/Stomachil/Days Too Hot For Substantial Motion/Falling Tremengalo/Cough Forth Such Dilemmas
UP41 NEIL CAMPBELL Face Of Scurf K7Retardo/A Man Ain't A Man/The New Landlords Of Lenton/Ideas/Theo Lorene/Green Sea/Love Falls Out/No Bacon/The Plastic They Put In Bread/Sponge Common/Flap Of Skin
UP42   EXPOSE YOUR EYES The Clock Don't Walk 
UP43   RINPINGO BEESTO Early Recordings  
UP45   WRONG Can't Buy Me... 
UP46   THE AMPUTEASE Sick JazzUntitled/Untitled
UP49   COITS Construct Your Own Guitar 
UP50   HARPIN' W/ COREY Himself 
UP51   KF36 
UP52   SQUISHED Short In Front, Long In Back 
UP53 NEIL CAMPBELL Is Not Here K7American Pie/If/Green Is The Colour/Fat Old Sun/Stairway To Heaven/Scarborough Fair/Imagine/Astronomy Domine/Blowin' In The Wind/The Times They Are A Changing/Let It Be/Eleanor Rigby/Penny Lane
UP55 PRIC DECAY AND NEIL CAMPBELL Rate Of CHB Is In Am Closing In On Skint/Jerks And Shirts
UP56   MALAISE Malaise K7 
UP57 THEE ELECTROCUTIONISTS Sorry: Not In Service K7Untitled/Untitled
UP58   EMIL HAGSTROM Too Busy Watching Baywatch To Record A Proper Tape K7 
UP60   DVL Live On 
UP62   WHAM-O Awake K7 
UP63 TRUMANS WATER No Dead Space K7Slashing, 2 Minutes/Slingin' Derp/Littered With Scratches/A Can Of Whoop-Ass/Glee From Action Void/Almost Thrilled/Jitters Sting The Worst/The Whole Leisurely Sequence/Pele's Hair/Paulos Is Drunk/Damage Follows Blister/More 'Trane!/The Clown Supreme/Capped By Hard Rock/No Dead Space Jam '93/It's Not Saturday/Gone South To Feed At Warmer Troughs/Visual Effects/Broke As A Rule/Fossils Of This Study/.... And Not A Drop To Drink!
UP64   MONTESSOURI Inconvenience K7 
UP65   JON & DANE Mega Mike And Friends K7  
UP66 MONOSTAT 3 Beyond The Rim K7Untitled/Untitled
UP67   KING FROG We Are The Rendering Men... And You Suck! K7C Monster Light Cheen/Big Butt/Microjammers/R-E-S-P-E-C-T/Leif The Jello Puker/Robbie Robot/Violin & Theremin/Radio Theater/Theremin & Violin/Michael Finnegan/Lip Whistle/Moog For Film/Jeffron Acid/Sink
UP68 THE RED FLOWER SOCIETY Safety First! K7Vast Expanse Of Nothing/Stance 37/Mt. Rainier/Blues Of Ahura/Refutation Of The Desire
UP69   MINNOW Minnow K7 
UP70 UNCONTROLLABLE SOULS Uncontrollable Souls K7 Untitled/Untitled
UP71   PICKS & LIGHTERS Honeymoon In The Projects K7 
UP72   CHROMATIC PERSUADERS Psychopathic Soulfire K7 
UP73   FRENCH PADDLEBOAT Rome Loves Tan K7 (corelease with Granted Passage) 
UP74   LORD KALVERT Al Green Vs. Venom K7 
UP75   CHARLIE PARKER The Gospel According To... K7  
UP76   PICKS & LIGHTERS So Long In Duct Tape & Blood K7  
UP77 JEFF FUCCILLO AND ALLEN CALLACI Beyond Thunderdome K7 (A corelease with Shrimper)We Don't Need Another Hero/Every Rose Has Its Thorn/Box Elder/Perfect Circle/I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man/
Summer Of 69/Better Be Home Soon/Love Vigilantes/Harden My Heart/Atlantic City
HELLL Circle Around Our Years K7 (Corelease with Waiting For The Tapes) Circle Around Our Years/Circle Around Your Ears
UPDL14 NEW BAD THINGS Live At Slabtown October 19, 2013 Part One K7 Concrete-Knott St./Robin Hood/Let's Get High/Let's Everyone Do It/Serious Cat/Caravan/Over Me/Montgomery!/Ephedrine/Fiberglass/Like/Josh Has A Crush On A Femme From Reed/Krankenhaus-Give Me Your Lovin'-Tugboat/Cigarettes
UPDL14 NEW BAD THINGS Live At Slabtown October 19, 2013 Part Two K7 I'll Arrest Myself/Stupid Europe/Relx/Product/Positivity/Let Her Stay/Brian's Song/Clique Town/Concentrate/Detective/I Hate Everyone/Insomnia/Rasputin Lover/Misgiving/I Suck/The Dirge
UPDL15 THOLLEM/SKLOFF Rufus Distillery K7Distillation #01/Distillation #02/Distillation #03/Distillation #04/Distillation #05/Distillation #06/Distillation #07/Distillation #08/Distillation #09/Distillation #10/Distillation #11/Distillation #12/Distillation #13/Distillation #14/Distillation #15/Distillation #16/Distillation #17/Distillation #18/Distillation #19/Distillation #20/Distillation #21/Distillation #22/Distillation #23/Distillation #24/Distillation #25/Distillation #26/Distillation #27/Distillation #28/Distillation #29/Distillation #30/Distillation #31/Distillation #32/Distillation #33/Distillation #34/Distillation #35/Distillation #36
  TETSU MINETA Folksongs And Instrumentals With My Guitar K7 (Corelease with Unread) Freight Train/Holiday/Teenage Buttermilk/ Slide Guitar/Room 6/Flow (Alternate Mix)/Instrumental/Let It Comedown/Tombstone/Flow/The Future

Singles and LPs

UP701 VARIOUS ARTISTS I Present This 7"HELP ME The Father And The Son And The Holy Ghost/REFRIGERATOR Waitress/WALLPAPER Inc/IRVING KLAW TRIO Whitfield Pts. I, II, and III/THE MOUNTAIN GOATS The Rain Song/GOOD HORSEY New Country/NEW BAD THINGS Brian's Song/BUGSKULL Mandroid
UP702 BONE CURE Braising The Brains 7" Braising The Brains/Did You Bring The Worms
UP703 RINPINGO BEESTO Rinpingo Beesto 7" Speed Of Sound/Worship Of Sun Or Axe/Problems Of Control/When Water Gave The Only Power
UP704 LOREN MAZZACANE CONNORS The End, The Afternoon, The Light 7"The End, The Afternoon, The Light
UP706 LOREN MAZZACANE CONNORS Desire 7"Desire/A Selkie's Air
UP707 RICHARD YOUNGS AND FRIENDS Kazoo Action 7" Lathe Cut (corelease with Unread) Side A/Side B
LP1 WHAM-O Wham-O LP (Corelease with Chocolate Monk, Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers, Bobby J, Ecstatic Peace!, Giardia and Sweet Baboo) Ustulate, To Vomit/Jumping The Nets/Throwing Pennies At Mice/Weidler/MLK Jr./(Whenever I Go To) Sandy/Totalitarism/Force/Balachander #3/France, She's A Dick/Jumping The Nets/Gerbal Pissed Off Because His Truck Wont Start/The Ocean, Because I Cry
  C. WORTH Through The Winter 7" Lathe Cut (corelease with The Robert Harden Recording Company) Royal Winter/Light Through Ice/Kingfishers/Woodsmoke/On Thanksgiving Day