Folktale Records

This is an attempt to create a complete Folktale Records discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

FT001   WAGON TONGUES/WHITMAN I Sing To The Lord/Before The Sun Sets And Scary Animals Come Out K7 WAGON TONGUES Welcome/Wilderness Sings/Matters Of The Heart/The Lord-The Lite/As The Rain/He Reigns/Goodbye/WHITMAN Sweet To My Soul/Children And Other Garden Creatures/The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All/Clipped Wings/Secrets For Show & Tell/Mytopia/Ibisea Avec Un Casse Voler/Bible Raps
FT002   WHITMAN Homeless Harmonies CDR Introduction/Twice Told Tales/Bullshit/Cat Plays Piano/Pee-Wee Herman-Herman/Joliet/Bloody Knuckles/A Good Laugh At The Head/Secrets For Show And Tell/Untitled/Southern (Western) Blues/Holla Holla/As She Waves Goodbye/Die Tonight/The Divine Comedy/Roserita/The Symphonic Double D/Wangster/The Ballad Of The Bastard/Bahooch/One Of Those Days/Piggy Grew Wings/Mullet Babies/Grandpa Are You Dead?
FT003 THE AUM RIFLE/VIKING MOSES Split 7'' (corelease with Nightpass Handmade) THE AUM RIFLE Bang The Drum Slowly/The Pirates Of Discovery Bay/THE VIKING MOSES The Chinese Pavillion
FT004   SHELTY Upon The Shining Imperial Throne Of Lord Seth, In The Northern Empire Of The Wooden Bagochas, Nestled High In The Mountains Of The Purple Prickly Bigitos, West Of The Jampshi Sea CDR Tread With Air Jordans 1987/Whoa! There Son (That Country Air)/He Shot Me! He Shot Me!/Bora/Bar-B-Q/The Game Of India/Michelena's Love Song/Sewage Dreamer/Musketeers (Armageddon Dude!)/Wetwood Rocker/Copenhagen/Matted Fur, Tighter Pants, More Moonshine (BearRat)/Laugh Track/Boo Radley's Chorizo Burrito (Dead Chorizo)/Farkle
FT005   CHAZ KNAPP Banana Oil CDR A Gun And Two Sledgehammers/Liquid Dirt/Tokyo Way/B.I.A.T.C.H. (Beautiful Noise)/Plastic Squid Mice/Block Car/Fruit From A Tree/Bleeding Finger Tips/Nine/Joy Of Hope/Open Road/Crimson Clove
FT006   GOWNS Dangers Of Intimacy CDR Thick Light/Feathers/Gloves/Apple/( )/Sugar
FT007   WHITMAN/LONESOME WHISTLE BLOWS Split K7 WHITMAN Born In The Black/Joliet/Jackalope/Happy Talk/Sound Check (Grove Street For Life)/Bell's Palsey/Uh Oh, The Po Po/Claustrophobic In Your Arms/Symphonic dd/Roserita/LONESOME WHISTLE BLOWS White Air/When The Horses Fall, You Gotta Put Them Down/Heart Down Legs/Feathers/St. Paul Ice Castle/Three Bridges
FT008 ANNI ROSSI Scandia CDR Safety Of Objects/The Southern Lowlands/Deer Hunting Camp/17/Venice/Glaciers/Like/Hummingbirds/Ecology/Machine/Solo/ Standstorms
FT009   WHITMAN AND CHAZ ELECTRICITY We All Believe In Santa Clause CDR We All Believe In Santa Clause
FT010   BROTHER MITYA Melting Wax Daisies/The Demoralization Of Urban Culture CDR Prelude To Sonny Daye's Life/The Mongrel/The God Of Small Things/Fantastic Sam's (The Failure)/Somewhere Over The Rainbow/The Love Song/Hymn No. 12/The Sunshine King/Trumpet Tetris/To Catch Tigers In Red Weather/Oide Hearted Bullivian Swan/At The Back Of The Bus/Choral Arrangement/Concert C/The Nurishing/The Terrible Affliction (For Anna)/The Apple Song/And To The Delicate Daisy/Drumphetamine/Gramp's Friend (Sonny Daye Memorial)/Facelifted And The agonizing Demise Of Airin T. Tibbs
FT011   THUNDERSNAIL Narcoleptics Acropolis CDR Vent Brush/Bear Bear/Animal Faire/Armada With Knives/Molly Gun/Intermission/Two Thirds A Bird/Mote (Renaldo)/Heartfelt Lions/Terarin Train/Liffy/Tikki Tikki Tavi/Lawn Otis Johnson/Las Vegas/700 Steps/Sppliances/Sister Spacechick/Water Buffalo/Lenny/Une Source De Mepris/World War (Cure)/Oceans Of Earth (Appollinaire)
FT012 VARIOUS ARTISTS Taco Bell Fella! - A Tribute To Quem Quaeritis CDR GOLDEN BOOTS "Slangin' Family Ties Dub/ADAM LIPMAN & SOCCER PEE Road To Disney's Mansion/MORGANS ORANGE Mongolian Love Song/C. P. Jim Caviezel/FLASPAR Jah On The Haj/WHITMAN Happy Candy Camp Counselor/BIZZART Canterbury Wende/CHINATOWN BAKERIES Hobo Chic/FOODEATER Disney Concentration Camp/VIKING MOSES Werewolves In The City/OUR BROTHER THE NATIVE Hill Valley 92501/MONSTER DUDES Shaking Like Michael J. Fox/THUNDER SUNDRESS "HIGH-FIVE LOVE/GOWNS This Is Scary Bullshit/MACAW America Hoo-Ha/BARRABARRACUDA Billy Joel
FT013   GULLIVER Every Good Path K7 It Slept/Summer Song/Alright/Evening: July Nineteenth/I Tell You 'Cause I Care/In The Orange Light Of A26/Remember It Well/I Am Yours/Goodbye Great Plains/Smaller Days/Beaches/Swan Creek/Apart/O' Dramamine/I Know We're Coming Down/The Moon In Taney Como Lake/To Settle Down With You/I Say Hello/Call Us Home
FT014 ADAM LIPMAN Feathered Palm Trees CDR Fish Blood/Within Walls/Indisciplined Woman/Touch Her At All/Out Of Our Mouths/Uprising/Palm Full & Sexy/Cock Of Nothin'/Down In Yon Forest/Feathered Palm Trees
FT015 ANNI ROSSI My Grandmother Was A Church Organist K7 All The Lutheran Organists/Glaciers/Pavane/Repair Remodel/All The Way To Marine/Hymn For The Women And The Families And The Dads/Copy Day/Day By Day
FT016   WHITMAN Death's Ship Has A New Captain K7 Death's Ship Has A New Captain Pt. I/Death's Ship Has A New Captain Pt. II
FT017 JOHN THILL AND WHITMAN We Will Have Heads In 2012? CDR Will We Have Heads In 2012?
FT018 VARIOUS ARTISTS Sun, Smog And Hate LP WHITMAN I Heart LA/I.E. Moderate/CLARK 8 Get Back To It/JOHN THILL Smog Machine/VOICE ON TAPE It's Harder Than You Think/FOOT OX Sparky's Pizza/ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD Hate Stick Hard Party Pt.2 .Com/FRENCH QUARTER Overpassing/SPLINTER CAKE Have You Ever Seen A Flower So Big And Weird Lookin'?/ASLEEP IN THE SEA Microcosm
FT019 WHITMAN/ALAS, ALAK, ALASKA! Split 7" WHITMAN Handfull Of Happiness/All Is Golden/ALAS, ALAK, ALASKA! Gloom Prairie/Dallop O Dallas
FT020 CLARK 8 Clark 8 CD/K7 Seven 16/Oh Boy/Golden Cakes Of Pan/Never Said/Go Down/Raised By Sharks/Factual/The Fog Of AUMF/Secrecy Is The Best Policy/Amazing Grace/Summer Song (Winter Version)
FT021   SPLINTER CAKE No Shoes, Windows Down K7 Monday/Apology To Everyone I Know/Song For Ben/French/Bus Book Bible/Punk Pt. 1/Sugar And Me/Trash Can Man
FT022 WHITMAN White Sunrise LP (corelease with Shrimper) Sweet Nothings/The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All/Chasing Rabbits/Snow Beasts/Bodies/Tanning In The Sunset/Blood In The Fur/Children And Other Garden Creatures/Dead Horse/The Elephant Song/Clipped Wings/Keep Your Chin Up Kid/Claustrophobic In Your Arms
FT023 CHARLIE McALISTER/ROLLIN HUNT Split K7 CHARLIE McALISTER Days Without Sun/Pile It On/Why?/My Miserable College Career/Dixie/L.A. Landscape/Goin' Down In Flames/Plantation Of Pain/You Were A Moth-A Locust/Orgin Of The Universe/ROLLIN HUNT Some Kind Of Holiday/Watch Out, Dean/Trek Across The City/Bad People/Nice Night/Beautiful Park/Mamma & Dada/The Bed/Air
FT024 JOHN THILL Goth Tales CDR Untitled/Wiccan Girl/The Sky Weeps Blood/Untitled/Ring Of Razor Wire/Untitled/In My Dungen/Satan Is My Only Friend
FT025 STELLALUNA My Heart Is An Anchor CDR Glow In The Dark/Washed Away/The Ghost Of Junction City/Albany Bulb/My Heart Is An Anchor/Parasite/Peephole
FT026 NICOLE KIDMAN Nicole Kidman K7 Mister Moran/Girl At Starbucks/Untitled/Let's Move To Tennessee/Thirst For God/Life's What You Make It/Suicide Song/Why Not Me?
FT027 BROTHER MITYA Home Recordings K7 Jeune Fille Pt. 1 & 2 (Letsnotbeantiphysicallove)/Wasn't Sure You Could Swim/Not Ok/Terrific/Apples/Woof Song (Wolfandfluteandvoice)/Dawg/February 4, 2008
FT028 CLARK 8 Snooze 7" Snooze/No Purchase Necessary/Push Down/Blue Widow
FT029 ANNI ROSSI AND WHITMAN Untitled 10" (corelease with People In A Position To Know) And Now You're Just A Ghost/Boot Camp In Idaho/Glaciers/Val Verde/At The Swimming Pool/The Box Springs/Different Dogs
FT030   SECRET ABUSE The Craftman's Rhythm 7" lathe-cut  
FT031 WHITMAN Toy Guns And Tomahawks CDR Toy Guns And Tomahawks
FT032 KNIGHT RIDER Dancing Together 7" lathe-cut Dancing Together/Purple Rainforest
FT033 GOWNS Dangers Of Intimacy LP Thick Light/Feathers/Gloves/Apple/( )/Sugar
FT034 GULLIVER Never Ask 8" lathe-cut (corelease with William Lester Records) Jimmy/Remainin Light/Borrowed And Blue/If Only Lost/Hate/Haunting Houses/Ghost
FT035 SPLINTER CAKE/FOOT OX Split 7" SPLINTER CAKE Forever Sleeping/Unfair/Proud Partner/FOOT OX Colorado Springs/Robert/Pomegranate
FT036 FRENCH QUARTER Beggar 8" lathe-cut + CDR I Wanna See/Hung Up/Beggar/Riding Home
FT037 WHITMAN/NO BABIES Split 5" WHITMAN Here's To Denying Our Existence/NO BABIES Morlocks Take Manhattan
FT038 WHITMAN I'll Be Waiting CD (K7 version on Unread) Death Of Me/States Away/Like Waves/Your Glow/I Miss You Babe/Unfiltered Light/Never Dreamed/In A Moment/The Sound Of You Leaving/Penny In The Middle/Silence
FT039 JON BARBA Sleep 7" Twenty Ten/Pop Punk On CD
FT040 WIGGER MOM Free Jazz, Not Slaves 7" lathe-cut My Babie's Daddy/Stuffinkkkoors/Hardbobbin-Daddy-05/Doo Rag Generation
FT041 NO PAWS (NO LIONS) Don't Be Afraid Of Where You Live LP (Corelease with Family Time) Don't Be Afraid Of Where You Live/On A Beach In The Sun/Seventeen/Ghetto Head Movement/Robert/Blods/For Your Eyes/A/Hills
FT042 JOHN THILL President Of Happiness K7 Whittier/Farewell Pomona/Santa Ana Pass/Smog Machine/Pomona Girls/Unresolved Grace/President Of Happiness/Engagement Ring/County Line/Alleyways/Wrong Man/Hacienda Heights/Sacramento
FT043 BROTHER MITYA The Terror 7" The Terror (Terrific)/Tenderness
FT044 JOHN THILL Young Dumb Drugs 7" Young Dumb Drugs
FT045 WHITMAN Dog Rose Gall LP Texas/Shake/Economy Inn/Exactly What We Wanted/Untitled/Christmas In February/Give Up/Vacant/Wishes And War Paint/For Lisa, 1998
FT047 FOOT OX Music Without Words K7 Medicinal/Matcha/Plant Music #1/Willie Kitchen Dance/I Am The Boy Who Can Enjoy Invisibility/Soothed By Her Voice/Myriads/Music Without Words/Plant Music #2/A Bird Cage/Childhood Sounds/Yes I Will Yes
FT048 WHITMAN Dust Unsettled: Ten Years Of Whitman CD Here's To Denying Our Existence/So*Cal 2:48/Neon Heaven/All Is Golden/Cure For Riverside/Light Dancing/A Handful Of Happiness/Love Is Kind Of A Dirty Word/I/I Heart LA/Kingsley/Ever Since You Left/Moderate/Wishes & War Paint/Interlude/Under Your Skies/Scorpion
FT049 HILAL OMAR AL JAMAL The Terro(a)r Book 
FT050 JOHN THILL Greatest Hits Volume II LP (corelease with Shrimper and Your Warmth)Midwest Vacation/Broken Freeways/The Good Men/The Eclipse/Gold Spraypaint/In The Valley/Drugs/I Burned Down Your House/Wiccan Girl/What Is Los Angeles?/We Smoked Speed/Love DUI/The Pill Book/Las Lonely Girls/This Bed Is Not A Bed/Farewell Pomona/Rich Girlfriend/Slow Rapture
FT051 VARIOUS ARTISTS Smashed 40: Slummer Jams 2xK7 SINGS Cruel Summer/MARMITS Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover/HERMIT CONVENTION Somewhere In Brooklyn/DINO DIMURO FEATURING ELIZABETH DIMURO Everywhere/TREASURE MAMMAL I Wanna Go/LONNIE METHE Boulevard/DENNIS CALLACI Don't Forget To Dance/CHARLIE MCALISTER Waiting On A Friend/AMPS FOR CHRIST Woman/KEY LOSERS Amanda/CAPTAIN AHAB Sk8ter Boi/AMERICAN GIL Burning Down The House/STEPHEN STEINBRINK The Way It Is/EDWARD GRAY 9 To 5/GULLIVER Always Be My Baby/NICOLE KIDMAN Heart Of Glass/JOHN THILL Informer/WCKR SPGT Owner Of A Lonely Heart/THUNDERSNAIL Breakup Gold/EMILY LACY Everybody Hurts/ANNI ROSSI Are You That Somebody/I.E. Love U Like A Love Song/PREGNANT Never Wanna Give You Up/TIK///TIK No Ordinary Love/CLARK 8 Firework/THE RECEPTIONISTS Just What I Needed/CARLA BOZULICH AND FORMER GHOSTS Tell It Like It Is/EZRA BUCHLA Bullet With Butterfly Wings/KNIGHT RIDER Shout/VOICE ON TAPE Girls Just Wanna Have Fun/ALVARIUS B. Prisoner/WHITMAN Everlong/R. STEVIE MOORE Coming Up/SAMUEL LOCKE WARD & THE GARBAGE BOYS Kokomo/BROTHER MITYA FEATURING ALAK Be Careful/SIMON JOYNER Life In A Northern Town/ROLLIN HUNT Goodbye Horses/STELLALUNA (Everything I Do) I Do It For You/BROTHER TWIN The Sign/THE FINCHES I'm On Fire
FT052 SCARF Arf Arf Arf K7 Windows/Chairs/Daddy/Oprah/Brains/Slurms/Heart And Sould/Arf Arf/Prom/Sunny C
FT053 HUMAN BEHAVIOR Golgotha LP Crag/Yeshua At 12/Odocoileus Virginianus/Always Cold/The Drone/Vintage Dad/Priscilla/The Wolf It Is/Earth, Heart, Hearth/Not Man/Raphus Cucullatus/I'm Sorry You're Saul/I'm Sorry, Hosanna
FT054 FURNITURE HUSCHLE Ambient Party Dress 10" Lathe Cut Father's Know-How/Pam Dawber Potash Fantasy/Church Collapse/Ventura/Forget It/Utah Miner Shoe Song
FT056 ROCO JET Roco Jet 7" Oracle/Open Door
FT058 FORMER GHOSTS/WHITMAN Shake/New Orleans 7" (Corelease with Tiny Panda) FORMER GHOSTS Shake/WHITMAN New Orleans
FT059 FREDDY RUPPERT Dove Hounds (American Tragedies) K7 Snakez/The King/Closing Distance I/For The Sake Of/Swallowed History/Closing Distance II/Please, Please Wait For Me/Our Separate Churches/Closing Distance III/Closing Distance IV/The Last Sip
FT060 WHITMAN/QUEM QUAERTIS Tacos Like E'ryday/Taco Party K7 WHITMAN Tacos Like E'ryday/ANTHONY HANSEN Tacos Like E'ryday (E-Z Listening Remix)/TREASURE MAMMAL Tacos Like Everyday With Green To Red Salsa Machine Head Cumbia Remix/ELI CHARTKOFF Tacos Like E'ryday (What Is Rap?) Remix/H.O.A.J. The White Man Joint (I Stay High) Remix/GEOFF GEIS & SEAN CARNAGE Incredible Tacos Remix/QUEM QUAERTIS Taco Party/QUEM QUAERTIS Taco Party Amerimix
FT061 HUMAN BEHAVIOR Eat The Wind K7 (Corelease with Diet Pop Records) Eat The Wind/Mickey In Kid Hands/Missile Toes/Canon Father/Hulk/Shot/He-People/Fuego Artificiales/Lace/Rise And Shined/"No It Was Not."/Potion
FT062 WHITMAN Against The Dust 3xK7 Sweet Nothings/The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All/Chasing Rabbits/Snow Beasts/Bodies/Tanning In The Sunset/Blood In The Fur/Children And Other Garden Creatures/Dead Horse/The Elephant Song/Clipped Wings/Keep Your Chin Up Kid/Claustrophobic In Your Arms/Dog Rose Gall/Shake/Economy Inn/Exactly What We Wanted/Untitled/Christmas In February/Give Up/Vacant/Wishes And War Paint/For Lisa, 1998/Darker Days/Departure/Blister/Portland/Last Summer/Dust/Golden Days/Hope/Dresden
FT063 WHITMAN Restoring Darkness LP Darker Days/Departure/Blister/Portland/Last Summer/Dust/Golden Days/Hope/Dresden
FT064 BOUQUET In A Dream 10" (Corelease with Ulrike Records) In A Dream/Stacks On Stacks/Come To Your House/Over Mountains/Falling
FT066 HUMAN BEHAVIOR Bethphage LP Chapter 1/Chapter 2/Chapter 3/Chapter 4/Chapter 5/Chapter 6/Chapter 7/Chapter 8
FT069 NIGHT AUDITOR Heart Of Grime 7" Lathe Cut Heart Of Grime
FT070 CHARLYNE YI Live From Hell K7 Reincarnation/Oh My-Sadly We Are Now Enemies/I Shouldn't Die Tonight/Shadow's Bow/Valley Of The Trees/Music Box/Down Into The Sea/March of The Rooftops/Darkness/Reincarnation Demo
FT071 NIGHT AUDITOR Drugzdilla CD Desert Wiles/Million-Dollar Hustle/My X Stacy/Snakes In The Grass
FT072 CARLA BOZULICH Red Headed Stranger 2xLP Time Of The Preacher/I Couldn't Believe It Was True/Medley: Time Of The Preacher, Blue Rock Montana, Red Headed Stranger/Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain/Red Headed Stranger/Time Of The Preacher Theme/Just As I Am/Denver-O'er The Waves/Down Yonder/Can I Sleep In Your Arms?/Remember Me/Hands On The Wheel/Bandera/Lonesome Roads
FT073 HUMAN BEHAVIOR Kedumim LP The Spirit Is Upon Me, Because He Has Ordered Me To Preach That Singing Saves The Poor Of Heart./He Has Sent Me To Fuck My Brokenheartedness,/To Preach Deliverance To The Captives Within Me,/And Recovering Of Sight To The Blindness Of My Lust,/To Set At Liberty My Parts That Are Bruised./And He Came To Nazareth,/When The Heaven Was Shut Up./We Heard His Things, And Were Filled With Pain,/And Rose Up, And Threw Him Out Of The City, And Led Him To The Brow Where Our City Was Built, That We Might Cast Him Down Headfirst./As We Remember That No Prophet Is Accepted In Their Own Country,/We Sing, "This Is The Day My Mind Has Made; Let Me Rejoice And Be Glad In It."
FT075 NIGHT AUDITOR Romance 7" Lathe Cut Romance/Romance (Ryan Beal Remix)/Romance (Deneir Remix)/Romance (Eras Remix)
FT077 NIGHT AUDITOR Drugz 7" Cane Sugar/Higher/I Need Yr Loving
  JOHN THILL/JOHN BARBA Taft Bldg 7" Lathe Cut JOHNBARBA Pop Punk On CD/JOHN THILL Midwest Vacation