Various Artists – Road To Istanbul – CS


AHT 095 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. 1% Slasher – Asses For The Masses 04:09
2. They Ran Out Of Blue – Just Remember The Time 01:20
3. Little Bucko – I Migrated To The Outer Jazz 03:52
4. Goosewind x Nutrition Fun – Phantom Finger 02:49
5. Jeff Vs Wio – 27年で5万ビール 03:19
6. Furniture Of The Atomic Age – For All The Lonely (Romantic Mix) 02:42
7. Monogamy x Kiss Hello – Head Outside To Smoke 02:57
8. The Hookers With Debts – Apocalyptic Pub Crawl 03:10
9. Jacob Anderson And John Davis – The Old Orange City 03:30
10. Scalding Corals – The Dolphins 05:18
11. Simmons-Nunnally – Moon-Song 04:55
12. Ed De Goey – De Bruyne 03:34


– Furniture Of The Atomic Age: Joel Huschle (Furniture Huschle, Wckr Spgt) + Bryon Allison of (Kids Of The Atomic Age)
– Jeff Vs Wio: Jeff Fuccillo (Irving Klaw Trio, Hockenheit, Helll) + Wio (de portables, Wio)
– 1% Slasher: Jürgen De Blonde (Köhn, Ed Nolbed, de portables) + Isaac Levine (Isaac Levine)
– They Ran Out Of Blue: Caleb Fraid (Caleb Fraid, Giraffe) + Kyle Wood (Lovers Turn To Monsters)
– Goosewind x Nutrition Fun: Rick Goosewind (Goosewind) + Andrew Berkley (Nutrition Fun)
– Jacob Anderson And John Davis: Jacob Anderson (Spirit Duplicator, Yak, Celesteville) + John Davis (John Davis and The Cicadas, Folk Implosion)
– Simmons/Nunnally: Will Simmons (Will Simmons And The Upholsterers, Cruise Control Pills) + Phil Nunnally
– Little Bucko: Bob Bucko Jr (BBJr, Sex Funeral) and Little Whirls (Little Whirls)
– The Hookers With Debts: The Debts + I AM THE LAKE OF FIRE + Death Club
– Ed De Goey: C. Worth + Steve Marreyt (Edgar Wappenthaler, Luster, Joe Speedboat, Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond)
– Scalding Corals: Elton Wong (GG) + Adam Grahs (S.M. Wolf) + Doo Crowder
– Monogamy x Kiss Hello: Monogamy (Monogamy) + Kiss Hello (Kiss Hello, Gang Wizard)

released July 11, 2020

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