Plundershop – Pink Into Grey – CS


AHT 061 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.


Track Listing

1. Mayan Calendar Girl
2. Might You Finally Find
3. Carol Garland
4. Marriageable Daughter
5. My Library
6. Things I Could Have Done
7. Once In A Blue Moon
8. Made A Windchime


2017 is the year, I’m more than happy to welcome Plundershop to our family. For those who don’t know him yet, Plundershop started recording on boomboxes and handhelds back in the 90s, he graduated to four-track later. All of his early material was self-released until he discovered shrimper tapes in a local record store and figured out that other people were making music at home too. Via shrimper he started gathering addresses and writing other home-tapers, trading and submitting songs to comps on many closet labels. His most recent stuff is recorded in logic on macbook with two cheap microphones and a handful of partially functional instruments. ”Pink Into Grey” has been laying in a drawer for a couple of years, only me and Plundershop himself had access to this songs as far as I know. It’s time to open that drawer finally and release this wonderful collection of songs. In the style of Almost Halloween Time records, this is a edition of 50 cassettes with hand drawn unique covers. All different.

released October 10, 2017

Title “Pink Into Grey” suggested by C. Worth
Boot Arreola – drums on “Might You Finally Find”

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