Painted Faces – Return To Vault Of Fear – LP


AHT 054 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Return To Vault Of Fear (Main Titles) 00:48
2. We All Float Down Here (For Bev Marsh Always) 02:46
3. Coffin Club 03:23
4. Return To Vault Of Fear (Rising Action) 01:16
5. Chicken’ In With David 01:27
6. Looking For Love On Tinder (And Getting Ghosted) 02:46
7. The Fruitbeef Miracle (Hat Noise Babes) 03:11
8. Alone In A Tent 03:00
9. Macabre Breath Of The Creeper 00:51
10. Perched Among The Gargoyles 02:19
11. Future Wife 02:13
12. Keep On Rocking In The Freak World 02:41
13. Return To Vault Of Fear (Goodbye To The Fear) 01:01
14. Summer 16′ 05:22
15. Psychedelic Chicken Parmesan 01:53


When I was a kid, summer was the season of the horror movies on TV.
Jaws, Halloween, the Nightmare series, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Night Of The Living Dead, The Thing, The Evil Dead passed on the screens and when my parents were sleeping or they were out, I was wide awake with my brother watching them.
The sleepless nights that followed such views are still a vivid memory.
I would not watch these movies again today, because I know that I will probably be disappointed by them, what was scary for little Luigi is now just something to laugh about compared to the news on tv. Like when the Exorcist came back in a director’s cut version a few years ago. I went to the cinema and laughed all the time and went out for a beer or two and had a very good sleep.

But I love those movies and if I run a record label called Almost Halloween Time, there must be a reason, so I’m very pleased to welcome to the family the last effort by Painted Faces ,a brilliant post-punk/freak folk/experimental rock opera called RETURN TO THE VAULT OF FEAR, an odissey in the freak world. featuring a message for Bev Marsh, a ghost living in a guitar case, gargoyles and a failed attempt to commit suicide.

This is a corelease with Already Dead Tapes, I have only 75 copies available for sale, and all with come with a hand drawn unique sleeve, inspired by a horror classic.

released September 15, 2017

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Weight .250 kg