John Davis – Outside A Small City – LP


AHT 077 – Limited Edition of 110 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Mobile Homes 02:36
2. 5 Hours of Energy 02:35
3. Long Driveways 02:56
4. Hidden Mansions 04:32
5. Hail Hitting Skylight 02:22
6. Vultures Cleaning Roadsides 01:55
7. Crushed Cans of Bud Light 03:24
8. No Trespassing 05:10
9. Homely Horses Next Door 02:22
10. Pumping a Septic Tank 02:36
11. Unobstructed Moonlight 03:06


A side project suggested by AHT as a way to bring something unique to sell at shows during a 10 day European tour I did with Mike Ladd in the spring of 2019.

All of the song titles refer to common sights I see while walking around my neighborhood, a semi-rural buffer zone in between the small cities of Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I bought a house out here because it’s a great place to have a home studio – neighbors being at enough of a distance that aren’t noise complaints to deal with. At the same time, having grown up in a bigger city, it feels a bit odd to have this kind of relationship to space.

The vinyl version of this album, like all of Almost Halloween Time’s LP releases, has a different hand painted cover for each copy. All of them connect to the song titles, and/or the general theme/vibe of the locale.

released March 15, 2019

John Davis: Electric guitar, remixing, mastering.
All songs by John Davis, Endless Soft Hits (BMI)

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