Floating Action – Heartache Essentials – LP


AHT 068 – Limited Edition of 98 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Pro Bono 03:35
2. Temperature’s Falling 03:28
3. All My Dreams Come True 03:21
4. Both Feet On The Floor 03:24
5. Aiding & Abetting 03:17
6. A Rolling Sound 04:03
7. Please Come Back 03:00
8. Flying Guillotine 02:11
9. Don’t Wanna Have To Pay 03:20
10. I’d Still Die For You 04:46
11. Still A Part Of Me 03:48


”Heartache Essentials” picks up exactly where ”Is It Exquisite” left off. It’s a an amazing brilliant album.

Floating Action are named after a vintage Gretsch bass drum pedal and is the pseudonym of Seth Kaufman from Black Mountain, NC. Musician, songwriter, producer, Seth Kauffman has collaborated with My Morning Jacket, Angel Olsen, Dr Dog, The Black Keys, Lana Del Rey and Ray Lamontagne. Isn’t that a fantastic, crazy resume already?
Folk, soul, southern-rock, gospel, surf, and bedroom lo-fi coexist in this record creating a warm and lushly anachronistic sound that is uniquely Floating Action.
”Heartache Essentials” is a co-release with People In A Position To Know and IPreferPi.

A limited edition of 98 copies with hand drawn unique artworks inspired by the lyrics of the songs contained in the album. Just to give you an idea, this time you will see portraits of Jose Canseco and Angel Olsen dealing with aching hearts, Ford Ranger and Count Ossie. 25 copies are available from me and 25 copies will go to People In A Position To Know and will be available at a reasonable price for the american market… maybe will be is not correct as I’ve just been informed by Mike that he has already sold all his copies. But don’t worry, you can always order one from me.

released July 13, 2018

Additional information

Weight .250 kg