Home – 18 – LP


AHT 100 – Limited Edition of 110 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Fine 02:18
2. Lose Control 03:27
3. Ghost: A Ghost Story by Home 05:31
4. Children Suite: Honey Will Fill Our Bellies 02:36
5. The Wrecker 03:09
6. Farewell 05:41
7. rait 03:46
8. Listening Skills 04:34
9. Hold You Back 03:00
10. Pictures You Took 03:48
11. Home – A Processional For Keith Emerson 03:20
12. Home – Look Now 03:55


One day ”Planet Rock”, my favorite radio show, broadcast a piece of a band called Home.The title was ”Halloween”. I was taking my first steps in the world of the music that I still listen to today. The program had already introduced me to the music of Smog, Palace, Sebadoh and Cat Power. Within a couple of days I ordered my copy of ”X” (the Roman numeral). All Home albums are in fact numbered. Something that has intrigued me from the start and that has almost made me crazy. It was useless to search the previous chapters on mailorder catalogs and internet was a minefield. In 1995 if you searched Home on the web and you were not an experienced spider, you would have had hundred thousand results but no one matching your request….

released July 11, 2020

All songs produced and written by Home except Lose Control, which was co-written by Garrett Devoe
Featuring Tiffany Dafoe, Andrew Deutsch, Stacey Jurgensen, Brook Kearley, Sabine Kearley, Tim Kearley, Chris Millstein,
Aaron Morrison, Eli Morrison, Eric Morrison, Burke Sampson and Brad Truax
Studio Angels: Natasha Tylea and Tom Ware
Mastered by Dave Fridmann
Sequence guidance provided by Brian Repetto

Published by Hohm Music 2020

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Weight .250 kg