Various Artists – Portraits From The Quarantine – 4xCS


AHT 105 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.


Track Listing

week 1

Alexander de Large – Don’t Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young)
Painted Faces – California Bakeage
Harry Cloud – Squid Friend
GypsyCab Co. – Home Sweet Texas
The Hex – Pale Days
Phil Yates & The Affiliates – Caraway
Axos – Texas
Dr Spaceman – Staying Home
Monogamy – Wimpy Drummer
Indignataries – Today Was Bright Red

week 2

Wholewheat – Covid Song
Caleb Fraid – Howard Hughes
Gary Alien – God Is Not With Me
Kids Of The Atomic Age – Old Hearts Die Young
Nutrition Fun – Start At Haunted (VI)
Douglas C Keith – C19 C46 C85
Elton Wong – Luigi’s Tree
Tiny Cities – Sequestred Love Song
Lovers Turn To Monsters – Anxious To Live (Caleb Fraid)
Death Club – Untitled
Bob Bucko Jr. – Go On Red
Parents – Incarceration Blues
The Reverend Terry Rice – I Tried
Stephen – Hvis Du Ville Være Så Sød

week 3

4min – Desert Runner
Keith Hell – The Blood
Chris Smith – Animal
DarkWater – Eye Of The Beholder
Buffalo Bunny – 2 Meters
The Cannanes – Moonhands
Peter Jefferies and Hamish Allan – GhostWriter (Live)

week 4

Isik Kural – Hopefully Hopefully
Little Whirls – Renovated Film Stills
Isaac Levine – Smoking Together
The Debts – Golden Carriage
Ed Nolbed – Head Hang Low (Julian Cope)
Will Simmons – Try Telling Yourself
Wio – A Desolate Scene (Quarantine Dream Version)
Elisha Morningstar – Untitled
Amps For Christ – The Way To Ursa Major
Mike Mus – Green = Grass (Wio)

week 5

Douglas Kramer Nye – Which Side Are You On? (Florence Reece)
Ghost Grove – The New Coven
Mr. Ray Fork – When I Have The Time (Live at Fort Point)
Goosewind – Diamonds In Rust (Joan Baez)
Kitchen Cynics – Companion
Kiss Hello – Lost In Screen
Simon Joyner – Black Eyed Dog (Nick Drake)
Peter Jefferies – Unknown Beach (Live)

week 6

Allen Callaci and Jeff Fuccillo – Harden My Heart (Quarterflash)
Goosewind – Bats Are People
Restaurnaut – Useless
Razors – Canary Miner Ballad
The Death Of Pop – The House That We Built
Wovoka Jr – Drumlin Tree Builder
Buffalo Bunny – Drone
Cerebral Visions (feat. Rik Albatros) – COVID Isolation In The Stratosphere
Tom Violence – Everything

week 7

Antti Tolvi – Vacuum Cleaners Home Alone
Peopling – Altars Of The Moon (For Edward Abbey) (Live)
Jed Town – Ufo’s From Cloudscapes Of Aotearoa
Country Conservation District – For March
Celie – Cold Bath And A Mouthful Of Seeds
Will Milner – 6-24-20

week 8

C. Worth – Take Heart Luigi
Kiss Hello – Echo 75
Poostosh – Essential Inward Trips
Danny, Bear and Wilfred – Ping Pong In The Time Of Corona
Voost Viszt – Late Nights Of April
Eric Morrison & The 100% Storms Ensemble (feat. The Falagario Family) – The Foxes Have Returned


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