Bob Bucko Jr – When Will We Take Mercy On Ourselves – CS


AHT 072 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Always Home 03:29
2. Arteries, Who I Am 03:14
3. Mirrors 02:37
4. Only In Dreams 05:54
5. Armistice Day 02:50
6. Mishima (Closing) 02:38
7. Making Kinds Of Jesters 04:49
8. Attached To Every Nerve 05:20


If necessary I will not sleep all Fall and Winter long.
I have already shouted at the four winds some of the new projects slowly cooking in the open… but not all.

”When We Will Take Mercy On Ourselves” by Bob Bucko Jr is out today.
Bob Bucko, Jr. resides and records in Dubuque, Iowa, a quarter mile from the Mississippi River. Relentlessly touring and uncompromisingly prolific, Bucko, as Joshua Tabbia from Already Dead Records as pointed out, ”has spent the last several years establishing himself as a widely varied experimental artist. His output is consistently engaging and eclectic, while somehow never pulling the same punch twice”. He has released 3 LPs on Captcha Records, as well as dozens of tapes and CDs on labels large and small – including his own Personal Archives imprint – since 2011. This is not a debut on Almost Halloween Time Records, as Bob has already contributed a couple of tunes to the Crock Rot compilation. Standing at the intersection of songform, free improvisation, and psychedelia and crossing genres with blatant disregard, each BBJr album is reflective of its own inner logic. On ”When Will We Take Mercy On Ourselves”, Bucko returns to his 4-track roots, using pawnshop guitars and consumer electronics to convey the fragile and often fractured pathways between thought and emotion. Recorded in the fall of 2016 on a wicked bender, and amidst budding political turmoil in America, ”When Will We Take Mercy On Ourselves” lays bare personal fears and failings against the backdrop of late capitalism’s crumbling empire. This cassette release is limited to 50 copies. All with a unique hand drawn artwork.

released September 3, 2018

Recorded at home in Dubuque, Iowa on Ben Eagle’s Tascam 424 October/November 2016
All tracking and mixes are first takes

“Mishima” composed by Philip Glass
All other tunes written/improvised by Bob Bucko, Jr.

Mastered by Michael Potter

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