Gary Alien – Landing – CS


AHT 087 – Limited Edition of 20 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Marijuana 00:44
2. Burning Life 02:14
3. Growing Up Just To Die 01:01
4. Be My Baby (The Ronettes cover) 02:15
5. Home Alone 01:57
6. Running blind (I’m A Fire In The Sky) 01:54
7. Warning 02:00
8. Love Hurts (Everly Brothers cover) 02:38
9. I’m Almost Dead 02:42
10. Landing 01:28
11. You Don’t See Me 01:34
12. Take Me Out 01:59


I know what it means to feel like an alien, I feel like that every time I talk to someone about my musical tastes. After all, how many chances are there that someone knows Nutrition Fun, A John Henry Memorial or even The Mountain Goats? I would probably have better luck talking about The Cure or Arcade Fire. For geographical and cultural reasons. Festival di Sanremo, the Italian music festival has reached its sixtynineth edition and most, if not all, of the radio stations transmit only garbage. I don’t know how Gary Alien discovered Unread or Almost Halloween Time, perhaps it was during one of his intergalactic journeys. I am sure that flying saucers are able to receive even the weakest radio signal from the smallest radio station that transmits from a lost corner of the immense vastness of the United States.
Gary Alien and I share the same interests. Who else other than myself can tell you something about Bobby J? So I’m really happy to release something by him on my record label.

”Landing” is a journey across the universe, Gary has been away from the earth for a very long time, he has been abducted by aliens who were in love with his music.
During this cruise, Gary never stopped playing guitar, smoking marijuana and thinking about a girl he left home. ”Landing” is a sort of logbook of this intergalactic journey and the chronicle of the consequent landing.

The album is a corelease with Cream Over Misery and Can’t Be A Musician Records and comes out in a limited edition of 20 copies with unique handmade painted covers.

released October 5, 2019

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