Harry Cloud – Florida – CS


AHT 088 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Lost (the Tv show) 01:22
2. Blue Eyes 03:13
3. Hey Good Lookin’ 02:13
4. I am a Fox 02:26
5. Mr. Sparkle pants (roads) 02:58
6. Chariot 03:54
7. Pain is a Mystery 02:24
8. Peter Rains 02:04
9. Shang hi 01:13


Harry Cloud arrived at Bari one day and I had absolutely no idea who he was, I had never heard of him or I knew one of his songs. Harry Cloud came to Bari for a date on the Painted Faces European tour I had helped to organize. Before the show we had lunch together, we had a bottle of my favourite primitivo wine and some of my mother homemade spirits. Harry Cloud gave me a bunch of his records in return and played live in Leverano, a last minute addition to the bill. I enjoyed his live set and in the following days I listened to the records he left. One after the other. I liked them.

The decision to work together came later and was the logical consequence of our meeting.

Harry Cloud was born in a Barn in SHit Fuck Georgia. He was raised by wolves and when he began to learn the English Language he arranged letters in ways that resembled words that people thought had meaning. He began banging on Trees with a pot and discovered a rhythm and started composing songs. Later he started using more sophisticated instruments like the guitar and using fancy means of recordings like digital. Harry Cloud is now ranked up there with all the famous guitar players like Slash, Duane Allman, Jerry Garcia and Dorothy Wiggin. His voice has been compared to such greats as Aretha Franklin, Louis Armstrong, and Adele. Harry Cloud is also CEO of corporate conglomerate WhitewOrm that has been steadily releasing such amazing acts as Harry Cloud, Fannyland, Cops, The Jamie Pinter Experience and Orphan Goggles for over twenty years. His ultimate goal is World Domination.

It’s hard and difficult to define and characterize Harry Cloud’s music, Sludgelord said: ”Think of your favorite genre of music and Harry turns it on its head. One minute brutally heavy and the next an anthemic Stoner Rock” and I have to agree with them.

”Florida” comes out on cassette on your favorite record label and it is accompanied by unique paintings inspired by the music and the lyrics of the songs. And edition of 50 copies with one cover different from the other.

released June 8, 2020

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