de portables – Eat This Eighties – CS


AHT 062 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.


Track Listing

1. Intro: De Dag Dat Het Zonlicht Niet Meer Scheen
2. De Kempen
3. Losing Touch With My Mind
4. Wild Horses
5. Pink Frost
6. Rent
7. Troy


Extravagant, bizzarre, excessive, Doctor and the medics, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, Commodore 64, the fall of the wall, the Challenger disaster, the Chernobyl cloud, Salman Rushdie sentenced to death, Tienanmen square, the scream of Marco Tardelli and the 1982 World Cup. Even if you weren’t born in the 80’s you probably already know what I’m going to talk about. Today I’m going to announce the release of ”Eat This Eighties” by de portables, a tribute to one of the most controversial problematic decades in music, characterized by the massive use and abuse of electronics and synths, simple refrains that will enter your ears and remain stuck in your head for days and days, but also by the post punk, rock and more obsure colourfully mind altering issues. de portables presents here a brief anthology of the those years, and they do it in their own style as always. Not simple cover songs that you will listen in the pub around the corner performed by a group of nostalgics, but their own interpretation of worldwide known classics and hidden gems that makes you wish the 80’s never come to an end. I’ve never been a huge fan of Pet Shop Boys, I kind of hated them, but here we have a wonderful rendition of ”Rent” and you start thinking they weren’t that bad and you wish de portables will cover more of their songs. How great would ”Domino Dancing” or ”It’s a Sin” if our favourites would embrace the instruments again? And do you know Sinead O’Connor repertorie in depth? I honestly don’t, but maybe I should explore her catalogue… de portables ”Troy” is even more dramatic than Sinead ordination as a priest being a woman with a Roman Catholic background. This is a pleasant return, after the acclaimed ” It’s Time To Leave This World Behind” from 2012 (Almost Halloween Time Records) and it’s follow up ”The Killing Horizon” (9000 Records). This tribute comes out on cassette, a relic for many, but a format that has apparently won its battle against technology. Who buys compact discs anymore? Every single copy, this is an edition of 50, comes with a unique hand drawn sleeve. This is for all those of you that don’t turn the radio station when you listen to The Cars or XTC, this is for you that turn the station when you listen to Erasure or Nena. The 80’s like you have never heard.

released January 11, 2018

All vocals, instruments, arrangements and extravaganza by de portables except for the exceptional vocals on Troy which were sung by Bart Philips.
Original compositions by (in running order): John Terra, Hugo Matthysen, Spacemen 3, Gino Vanelli, The Chills, Pet Shop Boys, Sinéad O’Connor.

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