The Debts – Montavilla – LP


AHT 059 – Limited Edition of 110 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. The Combine 02:40
2. The Optimist 03:53
3. Everybode Wants Something 05:00
4. I’m Sorry 04:54
5. The Austin Apartments 03:15
6. Slim Pickns 03:46
7. Between the Tracks 04:07
8. Not Brave 03:12
9. He Was Right-She Was Left 02:23
10. If you only had the Will 04:20
11. The Kings Lullaby 00:47


Here it is. The long awaited, much anticipated follow up to the hugely successful “Split” w/Dennis Callaci. “Montavilla” was recorded in a storage closet in Portland, OR.

This is The Debts at their most stripped down, sparse and lonely. Minimal instrumentation, heavy songwriting, broken people in better times.

released January 20, 2018

Kevin Shaw, Nicole Blauw, Alec Boyle, Brooke Sybrant, Dane Sybrant

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