Graves – Easy Not Easy – LP


AHT 065 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. No/Where 3:00
2. Dirty Bird 3:27
3. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do 3:31
4. Val K. 3:17
5. Pulling Out 2:45
6. Lincoln Continental 3:34
7. Alan W. 2:31
8. Why Stay 2:33
9. Never Mind My Love 2:34
10. Hotel/Motel 2:15
11. New Retreat 3:45
12. A Horse Is A Straight Line 2:56
13. And In My Doorway 3:37
14. Death Left A Message 3:03


”I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” – Edgar Allan Poe

It is official, I’m insane. As if I hadn’t already enough things to draw, as if I hadn’t already enough problems, as if it was easy to figure out what to draw on the sleeve of one of the more than sixty releases that are out on my record label right now and that has been just ordered, as if I had plenty of time to draw and dedicate myself heart and soul to something new, as if I was having enough sleep, I’m doing it again… I’ve accepted a new project. Draw a set 50 sleeves for the reissue of ”Easy Not Easy” by Graves. The call came from Mike Dixon at People In A Position To Know and when the red phone in my office rings, there is only one possible answer: ”Yes, sure, I’ll do it.” I love People In a Position To Know, all their releases are unique, wondrous, Mike has never ceased to amazed, picnic plates and x-rays that you can spin in your turntable (where did he get all those x-rays from?), he has created new formats (I’d like to see the faces of the people working on discogs, they are certainly having hard times with him), he is an innovator and a landmark. There is not in this world another label like his. And this project I’ve accepted is for something big: Graves!
”Easy Not Easy” originally came out in 2006 on Hush Records, and it is, like Mike has so nicely descibed, nothing more nothing less than ”a total unknown classic of hook laden, smooth, relaxing, sexy, wxperimentally and understatedly kooky beauty and masterful songwriting.” For this series I’m going to draw boats, icebreakers, artic landscapes. 25 copies will go to People In A Position To Know, 25 copies will be available for sale on my website (23 actually, because I’m going to keep a couple ones for me at least). Very limited, very essential!

released March 1, 2018

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