Autopilot – Driver – LP


AHT 050 – Limited Edition of 135 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Lucky stroke
2. Saturday Morning
3. Wishlist
4. Engine Trouble
5. Cowboys
6. Evil Exists
7. Wasting My Time
8. Second Round
9. Driver
10. Passage Ride
11. For Your Amusement Only
12. Which Reminds Me
13. Calamares
14. Do You Remember
15. I Want You
16. Friend Of The Night


It’s with infinite pleasure that I’m finally ready to announce the release of ”Driver”, the new album by the belgian band Autopilot. 275 copies ready to spin on your turntables, 135 with handdrawn, unique, one of a kind sleeves, 140 with professionally printed sleeves. A collection of 16 songs, whose lyrics I’ll try to illustrate for you. It is going to be fun and I’ll go crazy in the end, but it’s Almost Halloween Time Records and someone has to do it. Active from the early 90s with tapes on the glorious Studio Muscle label, featuring one member of de portables… years in the making. The first time I’ve listened to this collection of songs was 2012 and since then I’ve listened to this collection of songs so many times in my car and at home, so many times that now certain places or certain memories are strictly connected with this album. Stuck in the traffic under a bridge in Bari… makes me always think of Bertrand singing that ”He will never be a mexican no matter how hard he tries”!!! I’ve always found this album perfect, exciting, beautiful, from the very first listening. Back in January 2015, I’ve met the Autopilot guys personally, seen them perform live and got the confirmation that this record absolutely had to see the light of the day, it would have been a crime to leave it unrealesed, closed in a drawer somewhere. ”Driver” is for fans of Sebadoh, Pavement, for genuine indie rock fans and waffle lovers!!!

“Driver” is a collection of recordings made between 1996 and 2016 on various locations in ghent and brussels (belgium).
autopilot = bertrand lafontaine + stijn anseel + tomas de soete
mastering, additional keys and drum programming by j├╝rgen de blonde

released June 26, 2016

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Weight .250 kg