American Monoxide – Web Content – LP


AHT 048 – Limited Edition of 100 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. VHS Country Ramble 03:36
2. Sciatic Nerve 01:26
3. Hot Lava Exprès 02:47
4. Bubble Dog 02:03
5. Mulch vs. Fungus 01:46
6. Ms. Sir 02:49
7. Bat Faced Cuphea 04:08
8. Guitar Amp 02:24
9. Get Into My Way 04:14
10. Fall Into The Future 04:35
11. The Son Of Mulch 02:00
12. Love It Or Leave It Alone 03:50


When Mike Dixon of People In A Position To Know asked me if I wanted to work with him at the release of American Monoxide’s new album, I had no hesitation. PIAPTK is one of the most revolutionary record labels around, I’m crazy about their stuff, lathe cuts, unique releases, spectacular artworks, every new releases overpasses in greatness and originality the previous, amazing! Mike and I have been trading some stuff in the course of the years, boxes loaded of phenomenal records by Golden Boots and American Monoxide among the others. And hearing after hearing and listening after listening I’ve fallen in love with the work of Dimitri Manos. So when Mike offered to work together with PIAPTK at the release of Dimitri Manos’ last effort, I was on cloud nine. I’m supposed to draw 100 sleeves for this project, in advance, before I receive orders. And I’m going crazy… American Monoxide is the solo lo-fi home recordings of Dimitri (member of Tucson’s Golden Boots, Crab Legs and Philly’s Dr. Dog), His music described as ”Straight to tape trashy jams and trashy instrumentals”, ”weird electronic feel good summer jam”. Dimitri and Mike have gathered together all their favourite labels to co-operate at the release of ”Web Content”, all of them are encouraged to create their own variant/version of the album with special features. Here’s the list of all the fine folks involved and what their version will look like:

PIAPTK – Bonus Lathe Cut

Almost Halloween Time Records (Bari, Italy) – hand painted covers!

Soild Gold (Tucson) – Soild Gold Style Bootleg Cover

Baby Gas Mask Records (Tucson) – Library Style Mylar sleeves with Bonus Cassingle with unreleased track

Hocus Bogus (Tucson) – Bonus Zine with Lathe Cut cover!

Lazy Boy Recording Co (Lynchburg, VA)- TBD

Wooden Tooth Records (Tucson) – Cassingle with bonus track

Shot By A Fan (Austin) – Bonus video content!

released April 27, 2016

Follow up to “In Flight Mode”. Recorded at home using analogue 1/4″eight track and cassette four track machines. Become content.

All music/art – Dimitri Manos growyourownmusic(BMI)
Mixed by Jim Waters at Waterworks Studios in Tucson, AZ
Mastered by Hans DeKline at Sound Bites Dog in Los Angeles, CA

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Weight .250 kg