Ed Nolbed – Breaking Up Is Never Easy I Know – LP


AHT 079 – Limited Edition of 110 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Start 02:04
2. Hope will rise 03:10
3. For better or for worse 03:09
4. Good vibrations 01:57
5. Echo & Pan 02:32
6. A door and a wall 02:28
7. Circle 02:46
8. Battle your demons 04:11
9. Is it only 01:41
10. Isle of Skye 02:17
11. It’s true mental 02:21
12. Take my hand 03:52
13. Transcendence 03:21


This an album of songs about breaking up and finding new love almost at the same time. It’s also an album about rediscovering an old love. It might also be an album about universal love. It’s definitely an album about letting go, picking up, finding hope, losing hope, hurt, healing, anger, reflection, inspiration, desperation.

Physical copies can be ordered, with a personalised handpainted cover. The idea is that you suggest an album cover of an album that meant something to you during a break-up or just a break-up album you like. This album cover will then be handpainted and slightly adjusted to become your unique cover.

released October 14, 2019

Additional information

Weight .250 kg