MonThruSun – Let My Heart Not Become Blind – LP


AHT 084 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

01. Moon 01:58
02. Awesome 02:22
03. Family, It’s Our Blood 03:53
04. Powerlack 03:01
05. Hole In Your Head 01:49
06. Make Wishes 02:45
07. Something New 03:39
08. Sorry 02:53
09. ICBWIW 02:31
10. Inking Black01:32
11. Home 05:11


Lead singer Hans Bos of Soft Parade returns with a new album under the name MonThruSun. After an inspired collaboration with Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) that resulted in acclaimed albums ‘Pure’ and ‘Get Well Soon’, Soft Parade stopped in 1996. Bos always kept the music alive and now the hiatus is broken with a dazzling collection of new songs. “Let My Heart Not Become Blind” reveals a loving view of the world in which the tent canvas reveals through its holes the starry sky – a feeling of being connected.
The album was recorded in Amsterdam IJland and Americain Studios with Tinca Veerman (vocals), Robin Berlijn (piano, guitar), Dick Brouwers (bass), Eric C. Maas (also Soft Parade, bass), Leon van Egmond (trombone), violinists Antonio Pliz and Robert Uchida, Robijn Boekelmans (cello), and Imke Jansen on viola.
Together with drummer / producer Remko Schouten (Stephen Malkmus, Zzz, Bull) and supported by these wonderful musician friends, Bos delves into pure, poetic words. With a voice as clear as Bowie and warm as Stuart Staples, he soothes the modern soul. Listen to a song like the hope-driven ‘Moon’; or ‘A Hole in Your Head’ that takes you to the bottom of your mind. The catchy ‘AWeSoMe’ will be stuck in your head, and after the grand finale of ‘Home’ a warm light continues to glow.
The music on the album resonates with artists like Adam Green, Spain, Pavement, The Velvet Underground, Tindersticks and – why not – The Beatles.
A selection of directors, filmmakers and animators created videos for each of the songs. The makers are Bara Lockefeer (Sorry), Willem Jan Bloem (Make Wishes), Eric Maas (Hole in Your Head), Stanley Kolk (Family it’s our Blood), August Swietkowiak (Inking Black), Susanne Engels (Moon), Jessica Gorter (Awesome), and Marjolein Hendrickx (I Can Be Who I Want).

released March 5, 2020

Hans Bos vocals, instruments
Remko Schouten drums, percussion, backing vocals
Robin Berlijn guitar, piano, backing vocals
Tinca Veerman vocals
Dick Brouwers bass
Eric C. Maas bass
Robert Uchida violin
Leon van Egmond trombone, backing vocals
Antonio Pliz violin
Imke Jansen viola
Robijn Boekelman cello

Music, lyrics and arrangements by Bos
Produced by Bos and Schouten
Recorded and mixed by Schouten at Americain Studios and IJland Studios, Amsterdam
Original recordings by Bos at The Cookwood Dormitory.
Mastered by Schouten at Americain Studios.

Thank you
A big Thank you Jamie Harrison-Maple for your opinion and help, Robin Berlijn for your artistic views, Robin Lemmers for borrowing the first drums, Tycho Fokkema and Eric Maas for textual help, and Gert Jonkers, Diederik Nomden and Wessel Fokkema for musical insights, And always Esther, Juul and Eva, Mees, Leny and family.
Let’s also do a backwards inspirational creative thank you to Eric Maas, David A. Stewart, Marcel Wanders, Jan Last, Jan Gosen, Mees Bos, Emo Verkerk and Peter te Bos.

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