Wica Intina – An Echo Through A Kind Tree – CS


AHT 063 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.


Track Listing

1. Against The Sky, And Ahead Of The Wind
2. You Had To Be There To Forget It
3. The Great Sway
4. Black Eyed Susans


September, the latest swims, sunsets and sundowns by the sea, bonfires, grape harvest and time for new releases. Autumn is just around the corner and I am more than excited to announce the release of ”An Echo Through A Kind Tree”, the perfect soundtrack for the end of summer. Wica Intina is one of the nom de plume used by Dakota Brown, an artist, musician from Tennessee who has been recording under the name Sheep Bella Tine. ”An Echo Through A Kind Tree” is the debut on Almost Halloween Time Records, a collection of Intimate, melancholic songs, written, and recorded in the summer of ’17 except, ”Against the sky, and ahead of the wind” that was originally going to be included in Wica Intina first full length LP due sometime at the end of ’17, but that he has decided to donate us.That was written, and recorded in the summer of ’16. ”These have all been brought to life in the last year which for me has been incredibly life changing. For the better, and for the absolute worst, but I’m beginning to understand that this is simply how it is, and this is simply how we as artists, musicians, or whatever you most identify with at the end of the day channel our own phosphorescent selves. These are simply four pictures that I’ve managed to bring back from those times.” – Dakota says.

”When you see that those black eyed susans have come back once again to end and begin again, you’ll see that we must also do just that.”

For this series, limited to 50 copies, I’ll be drawing portraits of Dakota Brown himself. All will be different.

released September 15, 2017

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