Gary Alien/Nutrition Fun – Parerga und Paralipomena – CS


AHT 098 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Gary Alien – Intro
2. Gary Alien – Getting Darker
3. Gary Alien – Reborn
4. Gary Alien – Let Me Die
5. Gary Alien – Cosmic Chant
6. Gary Alien – Outro
7. Nutrition Fun – I Didn’t See House Anymore
8. Nutrition Fun – Said The Magus
9. Nutrition Fun – If You Ran Away
10. Nutrition Fun – McKeever Drops A Statuette And Stares
11. Nutrition Fun – Meet Me At Sudden
12. Nutrition Fun – Left My Card At Cali Bar
13. Nutrition Fun – The End Is Near
14. Nutrition Fun – Med School Chad (II)
15. Nutrition Fun – But Then Reprieved


Nutrition Fun: Tracks 1-7 Written and recorded by Andy Berkley, Hootie Erickson, Anna McClellan, Ryan McKeever, Cris Stoll, and Dylan Strimple, summer 2019, at studio and Anna’s house, Omaha, Nebraska. Track 8: Andy and Cris. Track 9: Andy and Hootie.
“…you too advancer with your song,/muching of which are wrong.”
Thanks Luigi and Chris Fischer. For Vera Figner and Jake Dunwoody.

released June 8, 2020

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