Ed Nolbed – Bee Ano – CS


AHT 091 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Side A 23:20
2. Side B 26:28


At Almost Halloween Time Records, we are really obsessed by traditions and recurrences.
There is a companion to almost every compilation we have released, there is at least one of the hand painted covers that has to feature a bird, etc.

Today we celebrate the 26th anniversary from the release of ”Bee Thousand” by a band that really needs no introduction: Guided By Voices.
And if last year we released ”Lodger Doll Three”, the entire program of ”Bee Thosaund” reinterpreted by 20 different artists, today we celebrate releasing ”Bee Ano” by Ed Nolbed.

A piano suite in two parts inspired by our favorite album, a sublime reinterpretation of the songs that never really got out of our heads.

”Bee Ano” was improvised and recorded by Ed Nolbed over the course of an evening, in a single session.
Ed Nolbed certainly is one of the leading experts in the field and I can’t imagine anyone more obsessed with ”Bee Thousand” and Guided By Voices than he is.

We love Guided By Voices and we all love Robert Pollard.

The album is out today, a limited edition of 50 copies with unique hand painted artworks inspired by the music of the album and Robert Pollard’s imaginary and beautiful work.

And now what can we do to celebrate next year’s 27th anniversary?

released June 21, 2020

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