Nicole Kidman – Anthology – LP


AHT 119 – Limited Edition of 110 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Roadkill Agony
2. Forty Seconds To Mars
3. Callisto
4. Bone Glitch Altar
5. Summer Recordings #4
6. Summer Recordings #5
7. Xena Pt. II
8. A Good Spy Never Gets Caught
9. Splinter Cake
10. Metal Snowshoe
11. A Demon Much Like Me
12. String Tapestry
13. Fuck Your Life
14. Your Eyes
15. I Thought I
16. Why Don’t You
17. Doris Day
18. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
19. What’s The Procedure
20. He Cries
21. You’re Here
22. Your Head
23. Francine
24. Sweat Pours Into Your Socks
25. Virginia


“This album is literally 10 years of my bedroom recording project.

It started out as a somewhat cathartic escape from my depression and anxiety but as I continued to record, I found it to be my projected effort to express a sound of and for the outsider.

Nicole Kidman represents my extreme selves.

An intimate, journal-style project with the intent to flesh out demons into a finite melody.

It was not a fun project for me. It required me to dismiss so much of society for the sake of drawing out an intrinsic honesty. I feel I have captured this idea with absolute certainty.

This album is for the antisocial.”

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