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Track Listing

Pictures of You
Last Dance
Fascination Street
Prayers for Rain
The Same Deep Water as You


The album I’m going to tell you about today is “Disintegration”.

“Disintegration” by Mus πŸ”₯ Wio.

Perhaps you know that a tribute to The Cure is scheduled for release on Almost Halloween Time Records. “Disintegration” by the Belgian duo is the anticipation of it, a tribute to one of the most famous album by the Cure.

Born from a crazy idea, “Disintegration” was made by two unexpected fans.

In March 2021 Wio wrote: “I am seriously thinking about also trying an acoustic version of Disintegration…”
I replied: “Spin-off tape: Cured by Wio”
Wio: “Disintegration from start to finish”

Wio: “Damn I’m re-obsessed with Disintegration like I was 30 years ago…”
He continued: “Mus suggested to also try a version of same deep water.. Maybe I should do that spinoff tape with him”

Mus πŸ”₯ Wio certainly didn’t need my encouragement.

From what I seem to understand the two have known each other for a lifetime.

I don’t listen much to The Cure these days.

I love them but I also know that I have to be careful.
If I put “Disintegration” on, there’s a good chance that it’ll never leave the turntable again.

Because I had been living so long with my copy of Disintegration that I almost believed that The Cure were all I could feel.

There was a time when I’d turn on the stereo, put on Disintegration, select track number nine and hit the repeat button.

9 minutes minutes and 22 seconds countless times, one storm following the another, the room filling up with water and the bed starting to float.

This cassette gives me the opportunity to listen to a record that I loved, that I know by heart by shifting my attention elsewhere. I listen to “Disintegration” for the first time with ears that are not mine and I really like what I hear.

We had a long discussion about the covers that I will make for this series.

I will explain.

released June 6, 2023

Album credits

Mus thanks: Luigi Falagario for the invitation, Manu for Berlin, Wio for everything.
Wio thanks Luigi for the spark, Robert for the airs, Mus for the flares.

Words – Robert Smith
Music – Smith, Gallup, Williams,Thompson, OΒ΄Donnell, Tolhurst

All songs recorded by Mus πŸ”₯ Wio

Artwork by Luigi Falagario.

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