Dimitriam – Bug Spring – CS


AHT 029 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Blowing Dust
2. Access Road To Heck
3. Big Trucks
4. Headbangers
5. Color TV
6. Ziploc
7. Mile Wide Mine
8. Baja (Astronauts cover)
9. Self Adhesive
10. Name Drop
11. Power Off The Smoke
12. Grapefruit


The spring that Bari was invaded by locusts I traveled by car with the windows closed. People threw boiling water on the bugs and as you drove you could hear the sound of them getting crushed under the wheels. It often happened that a locust landed on the misted glass of my car and looked at me for a long time.
I was fucking scared of locusts, especially when I was out in the open. Abandoned the car I quickened my pace, I looked around.
You could see them fly under the lighting poles attracted by the light.
They were literally everywhere, even on the soccer field, added defenders of the opposing team.
Then one day, suddenly, they disappeared. They were never seen again, and they never came back, or if they did, they did so in smaller numbers.
I’m quite afraid of bugs but today I have to show myself brave, I have to look brave even if in front of a bumblebee I would gladly run away.
My daughter looks at me and thinks I’m strong.
So once I took a broom and killed a bumblebee that had entered the house at night.
And once I broke into a greenhouse full of butterflies.
Bug is the name I give to everything that flies, crawls and is smaller than me. I’m sure wrong.
But have you ever seen a Pulcino di Sant’Antonio fly?
It’s scary, I tell you.
With “Bug Spring” by Dimitriam I’m trying to exorcise my fear of bugs.
I will make a gallery of them…

Here’s Dimitri about “Bug Spring”:

I’ve been home-recording in downtown tucson, arizona for 20 some years. I enjoy the headspace it puts me in. It is a good escape that transports me quickly to new places. There’s a big mountain range northeast of downtown that has trails, creeks, and other fun places to explore. Getting up there is another way I like to escape. There’s a trail there called “Bug Spring” and for years I imagined making a small band that shared that name. I ended up collecting about two months of recordings and called them “Bug Springs”. My friends Marina Cornelius and Nathan Hendler learned the songs with me and we started a band called Dimitriam and the Bug Club.

released May 23, 2023

Album credits

Bug Spring was recorded and mixed on cassette in June 2021. The songs got a volume boost by Jim Waters at Waterworks. “Baja” is a cover of the Astronauts. “Power of the Smoke” was recorded live to cassette at Mark Giffords’ house and Mark plays keyboard and sampler on it.

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