I Kill Cameron ‎– The Better Half – CS


AHT 041 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. An Introductory Swan Song 02:27
2. Homicidal/Adorable 02:14
3. Tonight (You Belong To Me) 02:15
4. Statutory Cuddles 02:12
5. Lokeigh’s Song 03:07
6. The Toxic Infatuation of Icarus Defiance 02:55
7. Bring Forth The Wild Birds 02:55
8. SuperMassiveBlackHole Part II 03:38
9. Casual Tonsillitis 03:20
10. Juxtapose (This is Indeed A Love Song) 03:53
11. The Astronaut Would Love Your Eyes 01:58


I’m not going to sleep anymore, I won’t go to sleep and try to stay awake for twentyhours a day. I’m supposed to draw a lot of things this winter with all the new releases on aht and the old ones and the ones I still haven’t even desired to release. I will go crazy in the end, I know, but I really like Almost Halloween Time Records, it means a lot to me. January brings us the first female voice in our rooster. I’ve fallen in love with I Kill Cameron at first listening. I’m releasing her tape. I Kill Cameron, is one woman angsty folk ukulele music. I’m gonna draw 50 sleeves for her all different.

released January 23, 2014

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