Lovers Turn To Monsters – Better Weird Than Dead – CS


AHT 076 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. The Rules 02:52
2. Eric Draven 03:45
3. Ouija Board (Sharon Needles) 03:38
4. Final Girl 03:56
5. Jason Voorhees 03:34
6. Pet Sematary 03:57
7. Death By Soccer Mommy 02:57
8. Cotton Weary 03:56


Lovers Turn to Monsters is the never ending and constantly evolving solo project of Scottish 30 year old Kyle Wood. His music deals with the usual existential topics of life,death, love, music, movies, and comic books. Across a backdrop of emotive lo-fi inspired pop… ”Better Weird Than Dead” is a supernatural collection of songs. Kyle recorded and produced the album while a malevolent possessed chihuahua was talking to him through a mystifying oracle. Based on a true story… For this series I’m going to draw for you a portrait of Carol Anne Freeling.

released October 24, 2018

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