Various Artists – It’s Halloween Time – 2xCS


AHT 666 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

A1 C. Worth – Backbones, Neckbones
A2 Charlie Mcalister – Sea Goblin
A3 Furniture Three – Apple Valley Death Investigation
A4 Citizen Electrical – Seasons Shifting
A5 Matthew Edward Clarke – Creeping Feeling
A6 Charles Dingus – Hack Frauds / Lackluster Blockbuster
A7 Will Simmons & The Upholsterers – The Bomb
A8 Kids of the Atomic Age – Texas
A9 Caleb Fraid – Deer Park
A10 Cougheteria – The Ghosts We Know
A11 T.E.V. – Graveyard Bongo Boogie Woogie

B1 Refrigerator – Another Ghost Town
B2 Nutrition Fun – Mauvais Sang
B3 Mr. Microwave – No More Screem Queens
B4 Hoops – A Monster at Home
B5 John Davis – There’s One Time of Year When Everybody Thinks It’s Okay to Beg
B6 Restaurant – I Was Possessed (By A Ghost)
B7 Hochenkeit – Coach Randall (666)
B8 Painted Faces – Hippy Halloween
B9 Bingo Trappers – City of Diamonds
B10 Goosewind – Vrykolakas
B11 Tiffany Boulanger – American Nightmare

C1 Ed Rooney – Thriller/Chiller (excerpt)
C2 Chris BjornnVThat’s What You Get For Living in a Place that’s Haunted
C3 Bob Bucko Jr. – We Are Not All Monsters
C4 Wio – Summer of 69 Square Meters of Serpula Lacrymans
C5 Nicole Kidman – Virginia
C6 Black Cum – Hungry 4 Flesh
C7 Gladhands – No Fearâ„¢
C8 Monogamy – Last Year’s Costume
C9 Plundershop ft. Michael Overman – Michael’s Letter to the South Southern Carolinians (Live on WUSC, Columbia 2007)

D1 Neil A. – Dungeons & Dragons is for Adults
D2 Home – Ghost: A Ghost Story by Home
D3 Wica Intina – To Essentially Become Again a Stranger
D4 Corpse Calypso – Summer
D5 Marijean – Untitled
D6 Phil Yates – Ninjas vs. Zombies (Let’s Keep Our Heads)
D7 The Debts – A Song to Lift the Veil


This is a partnership with the fine folks at Chthonic. A soundtrack for your Halloween parties that you can enjoy 365 days a year. You can order your copy here and you can choose the monster that will haunt your dreams. I’ll portrait it for you.

The comp is also available from Chthonic here in a different version.

This compilation would not have been possible without the help of my dear friend Jonathan.

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