Palm Tree Nursery – Post Dinosaurs – CS


AHT 036 – Limited Edition of 31 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.


Track Listing

1. Karma And Time
2. Cat And Mouse
3. Cosmic Connection
4. Planets For Sale
5. I Feel Like A Cloud
6. Post Fossilized


Post-jurassic Surfey Pop Bedroom Emo songs pertaining to a period occurring from 140 million years ago to today characterized by the absence of dinosaurs and the popularization of birds, mammals and post-dinosaurs. This is how Wikipedia would review Palm Tree Nursery debut songs. This is part of the Almost Halloween Time Records cassingle series that already features Ramon Speed with Wooden Horses, Köhn, Goosewind and Kostoglotov. Limited to 31 copies, hand-drawn sleeves, all different.

released Novmber 26, 2013

“thanks to David Compton”

Additional information

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