Goosewind – Bats Over Boomtown – CS


AHT 106 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Cabin Fever Dreams
2. Blood Quantum
3. Boomtown
4. On the Subway
5. Diamonds and Rust/I was Made for Loving You (Joan Baez/Paul Stanley)
6. Bats Are People 2
7. 1816
8. Melodious
9. Potato Pop
10. Viva Zapato (Charlie McCalister)


”Bats Over Boomtown” was recording by Rick using an 8 track found in a pawn shop in Santa Monica, CA.

He got it cleaned and fixed up yet it still wouldn’t work. He found a mixing board that was all wired weird but it seemed to fit with the Tascam reel to reel. He took it in a 2nd and then a 3rd time to the only Tascam fix it guys. They took him for a big amount of cash yet he knew he had to do it! This was fall of 2019.

Rick’s headphone port blew out immediately. He brought in an external headphone component. Then his timing counter stopped working. He now have to estimate by tape on the reel and high pitched rewind playback for when the song starts. It is all well worth it.

He spent hours looking at his machines before he got really going saying ”What next?!, how are you going to fuck with me and mess with me next?!” Rick literally said that.

All of the sudden he started recording for the isolation comp on Almost Halloween Time Records. His machines work beautifully! He kept on recording and then mixed them on to Jen’s board at Electric house.
Rick brought his entire rig to her house and she imported it all to her digital studio for the best of both worlds. C. Worth mastered it and now it is ready for you.

No one really uses these machines anymore.

”Bats Over Boomtown” is one of the two spin-offs releases that accompanies the release of ”Portraits From The Quarantine”.

released October 31, 2020

All songs by Rick Goosewind except where noted

Melody Kriesel – backing vocals and Deagan chime
Engineered by Jen Preciado at Electric House
Mastered by Cee Worth

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