Caleb Fraid – Randemic – CS


AHT 107 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Howard Hughes (03/16/20) 00:53
2. Pandemic (06/23/20) 06:36
3. The Social Distance Runner (03/17/20) 01:00
4. Tee Pee (03/18/20) 01:39
5. This Isn’t Living (04/22/20) 00:47
6. Don’t Breathe On Me (04/22/20) 00:28
7. Phone Demos 00:25
8. I Can’t Stop Touching My Face (03/16/20) 01:07
9. Howard Hughes Altenate Mix (06/09/20) 00:50
10. Howard Hughes Altenate Mix #2 (06/09/20) 00:50
11. I Keep Forgetting That This Is Real (05/31/20) 02:22
12. The Smell Of My Face Mask (04/10/20) 00:35
13. Mass Hysteria (03/27/20) 00:36
14. It Won’t Be Long Now (03/28/20) 01:56
15. I Was Born A Free Man (03/25/20) 01:15
16. How Do I Know So Many Insane People (05/05/20) 01:04
17. Judge Lina Hidalgo (06/20/20) 01:46
18. Holding Pattern 01:44


Howard Hughes was an insane germaphobe and we are following in his footsteps.

”Randemic” by Caleb Fraid is just a basic response to the virus and shutdown.

Every year on his birthday, Caleb Fraid records a song. “I Was Born A Free Man”
is this year’s.
Hopefully one day Caleb Fraid will compile them all and present them to us. It would certainly be an interesting listen. How many he has recorded? If I know him well, his first song could have been recorded at the age of one.

Caleb Fraid has a zillion crushes on lots of girls going simultaneously.
Lina Hidalgo is this young gal who happens to be the county judge for the Houston area. She’s only in her late 20’s or early 30’s now and Caleb Fraid has, it seems, a little crush on her.

The song pandemic came about as Caleb Fraid was watching a show called Ark II from the 1970. They had an epidemic outbreak episode, he sampled a bunch of stuff from the show.

”Social Distance Runner” is probably my favorite song of the new collection. The song is inspired by a true story that Scarlett, Caleb Fraid’s cousin, told me.

”Tee Pee” is just dumb fun.

”This Isn’t Living” is another basic idea song. Even though we are careful and we wear masks, we’re stuck and it goes against how we normally live free.

”Randemic” is one of the two spin-offs releases that accompanies the release of ”Portraits From The Quarantine”.

released October 31, 2020

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