Portraits From The Quarantine

”Your home is where you’re happy
It’s not where you’re not free” (Charles Manson)

”Pale days” by The Hex is the last song that became part of ”Portraits From The Quarantine”. I waited for them and patience was rewarded by this wonderful song. Recording a piece in a studio when you are a group and there is COVID around, it’s not a simple thing. The Hex became part of my life one evening when Mark Szabo sent me a video in which these Canadian guys sang a Good Horsey song in his homage, having recognized him in the audience. Legendary. Since then, I have been following The Hex and I hope to be able to release an album from them sooner or later.

Another old acquaintance and a constant presence in almost all the compilations released by Almost Halloween Time Records, Phil Yates & The Affiliates could not really be missing. I was lucky, in fact, Phil, stuck at home, was working on a new album. I sat on the sofa, I prepared the popcorn and I waited because ”Caraway” required also the aid of The Affiliates and a break in the lockdown.

The plan is this, I’m going to dig a hole in the living room floor and keep digging and digging. When I reach the center of the earth I will be halfway there. Plymouth, New Zealand where the Axos come from, looking at a globe, it seems to be located exactly on the other side of the world. ”Texas” is a demo recording made between 2015-2019 before the pandemic. Axos are Jet Jones, Poppa-John Phillips, Justin Rangi, Maurice Paurini, Lazza and Peter Jefferies.

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