Portraits From The Quarantine

What a better occasion to reveal more artists that have donated a song to ”Portraits from The Quarantine” than a new lockdown…

Alexander de Large does not know yet but he has quickly become my favorite political scientist, ideologist and columnist. I don’t know much about him, maybe he was born in Bari like me. I sure saw him open a Matt Elliott concert in a squat. On the back wall of the stage one of my favorite maxims: “the only church that lights up is the church that burns.” Alexander de Large records for Lepers Productions, makes his debut on Almost Halloween Time with a one-piece cover by Neil Young.
Here are some of his aphorisms: ”when does this fucking covid end? I can’t wait to be able to keep a safe distance from people by my exclusive choice”, or ”being an influencer at the time of the covid is a rather disrespectful thing!”

There are two songs on ”Portraits From The Quarantine” that are explicitly dedicated to Texas. One of these is ”Home Sweet Texas” by GypsyCab Co. Exactly one year ago, I attended the Tex Mess Junker music festival and I fell in love with Houston, Texas and the Texans. I felt at home. I know very little about GypsyCab Co., Boot Arreola who is the drummer is a friend of mine, he also played the drums in a song on Plundershop’s ”Pink Into Gray”. For several months I have stopped reading the news in the newspapers, this Covid story hurts and it hurts me to know that Texas is one of the most affected American states. The song is beautiful, I want to go back to hug my friends in Texas.

I return to talk about Harry Cloud after having reviewed their latest album in one of my previous posts and after having releasing ”Florida” on my label. In ”Squid Friend” Harry Cloud sings: ”The fishes are dying can’t you see it in their eyes”, there is something very sinister in this sentence repetead in the midst of a world pandemic, but the death seen in the eyes of a fish also makes me think about my mother. She, like many of my fellow citizens, is convinced that on the fishmonger’s stall, it is possible to identify the fresh fish by looking at its eyes.

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