If You Only Had The Will

You may not believe it but in Bari apparently there is an American football team and the history that binds my city to this sport is quite long.

Although not very widespread in Italy, Football or American Football as we call it, has a history that is not exactly recent. Back in 1983 Stefano Romanazzi founded the Roosters of Bari. A few months later the second team was born, the Grasshoppers of Bari. The two teams brought together about two hundred athletes, giving life, in fact, to the second most followed and practiced sport in the city.

In 1986, from the merger of the two teams, Trucks Bari were born.

It must have been 1984 or 1985 when my dad took me to an American football game for the first time. I honestly didn’t understand much.

The memory of that match remained etched in my mind, if only for the gadgets that the athletes gave me, posters, pennants, stickers. A fantastic memorabilia.

In adulthood I tried on more than one occasion to stay awake to watch the Super Bowl, I never did it.

I know very little about American football, indeed nothing.

The first verse of ”If You Only Had The Will” by The Debts goes like this: ”You should play football, you should be tough”

For ”Customer Service”, the album that contains it and that is available from Almost Halloween Time Records in a limited edition of only 37 copies, I will draw portraits of American football players, in my own way.

The record is also available alternatively from Eastern C Records and Kerchow Records & Tapes in a different edition with professionally printed cover.

Listen to ”Customer Service” here.