Jeff Fuccillo

This is an attempt to create a complete Jeff Fuccillo discography.
See also Irving Klaw Trio and Wham-O.
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2004   Disturbed Strings (LP Roaratorio)Sazar/Heroes And Zeroes/Birth/Lilt Of The Butterfly/Repeat Clearly/Nogawa River/Dance With Me/Traffic/Death/Setagaya Shimmy/Zeros And Heroes
2020 JEFF FUCCILLO AND ALLEN CALLACI Beyond Thunderdome (K7 Shrimper/Union Pole)We Don't Need Another Hero/Every Rose Has Its Thorn/Box Elder/Perfect Circle/I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man/
Summer Of 69/Better Be Home Soon/Love Vigilantes/Harden My Heart/Atlantic City




2017 VARIOUS ARTISTS Crock Rot (3xK7 Shrimper) Mutts And Rutts
2017 VARIOUS ARTISTS Crock Rot (3xK7 Almost Halloween Time) Mutts And Rutts

Other Stuff

1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS Everybody Knows This Is (UP13) Nowhere (Vol. 1) (K7 Union Pole)IRVING KLAW TRIO Love =
1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS Everybody Knows This Is (UP13) Nowhere (Vol. 1) (K7 Union Pole)MATTHEW HATTIE HEIN & WHAM-O Capital
1993 IRVING KLAW TRIO The Pin-Up King (K7 Union Pole) Intro, Piano Keys For A Staircase/La Pelota De 8/Baby Blue Dodge Dart/Blow Smoke!/Bright Moments.../Love Sexy J. J./Three Neils/Baby, You Rock My Sol/American Tourist 1 & 2 (Pounding Pavement)/Passion Woman, Orange #5/Ivory Stock
1993 WHAM-O Confused Over Expression Impression (K7 Union Pole) There & Back In 20/Over Extended/All My Ideas Are Stolen Vol. I: Loren Mazzacane/Counting/Alpha Desperation March/Death Race - 2000/Little Rootie Tootie (Monk)/Josh Has A Crush On A Femme From Reed/American Tourist 1 & 2/Here Is Where/Sambo Groove #1/In A Crowd Of 3/Failing At The Point (Live)/Power/Winnie Cooper/Not Now-Right Now... N.B.C.
1994 WHAM-O Tired (K7 Bobby J) Untitled
1994 CRANK STURGEON/WHAM-O Split (K7 Union Pole/Crank Incorporado)CRANK STURGEON You See.../...I Grope To An Am Shudder Whereby The Rainfall Rubbed With Auto Rytes Becomes Troughs Of Static.../...Lineated Into Currents And Stripes Of Grey, Needing A Volume Boost/WHAM-O So Stuck On One Thing Coming True/Who's Blues?/Reynolds Highschool, Circa 1994/Hollowed Out/"Sound"-Feels So Good/Flirting
1994 IRVING KLAW TRIO Irving Klaw Trio (K7 Union Pole)170 Ways/Love = High/Earn It (Es.g.)/Lounge It/357 Museum And The damage Done/Worth It/Jeff Wakes His dad?/Keeping People Alive/(Sonic Youth Come)/American Tourist Pt. 1/Love/(I've Got A) Ticket To Ride
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Drowned In A Torrent Of Golden Grain (K7 Catsup Plate)IRVING KLAW TRIO Brenden Bell The Hero
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Bottle Of Gallo: Highlights Of Union Pole Fest - 1994 (K7 Union Pole)IRVING KLAW TRIO Untitled
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS I Present This (7" Union Pole)IRVING KLAW TRIO Whitfield Pts. I, II, and III
1994   WHAM-O What Will Make My Face Turn Red? (7" Giardia) What Will Make My Face Turn Red?/Heart/Tedious Sort Of Thing/Blithering Idiot
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Cyanide Guilt Trip (7" Cactus Gum)IRVING KLAW TRIO Hermano Simon
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Topps All-Stars No. 2 Roberto Clemente (K7 20-20 Sound) WHAM-O Space In
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS E.F. Unplugged - Acoustic Compilation (K7 Freedom From) WHAM-O Dr.S.Balachander-Genius #2/Dr.S.Balachander-Genius
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Our Salvation Is In Hand - Various Artists Acoustic Based Compilation (CD Theme Park) MATTHEW HATTIE HEIN AND WHAM O New House Basement
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Devon (2x7" Bobby J) WHAM-O Let's Play Teenagers
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Cheese Compilation (K7 Nearsighted Records) WHAM-O Hockey Liability
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS When I'm Hungry, I Eat: Songs About Food (CD Gourmandizer) WHAM-O Snickers Vs. Nutrageous
1996 IRVING KLAW TRIO Irving Klaw Trio (CD Silly Bird Records) 911 Leo Express/Are You Ready To Die/Relleno 2/I Was Gone Before I Ever Begun/Relleno 1/Stoned Carver/Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Me/Supreme Love Roller Coaster/Counting Mothers/Stuff/So Italian, So intense/Bad Danger/Worlds Of Lightning
1996 IRVING KLAW TRIO Live S**t (K7 Shrimper)911 Leo Express/Earth - Sun/Earn It/Spirits Rejoice/So Italian, So Intense/(*)/Little * Of Bethleham
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS Who Cremated The Morning? (7" Sweet Baboo/The Gugliano Family Picknick) IRVING KLAW TRIO Positivity
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS Want Comp Deux (7" Wantage) IRVING KLAW TRIO Stuff
1996 WHAM-O Wham-O (LP Chocolate Monk/Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers/Bobby J/Ecstatic Peace!/Giardia/Sweet Baboo/Union Pole) Ustulate, To Vomit/Jumping The Nets/Throwing Pennies At Mice/Weidler/MLK Jr./(Whenever I Go To) Sandy/Totalitarism/Force/Balachander #3/France, She's A Dick/Jumping The Nets/Gerbal Pissed Off Because His Truck Wont Start/The Ocean, Because I Cry
    WHMA-O Pussyfoot The Subject (K7 Oska)  
1996   WHAM-O Awake (K7 Union Pole) 
1996   COITS/WHAM-O Split (7" Giardia)COITS My Standard Inhibition Is Duck And Fuck (Edit)/People Who Call Socks Stockings, They Deserve A Thoroughly Good Thrashing/WHAM-O Early Times/Poor Little Coitus
1997 IRVING KLAW TRIO Utek Pahto Mogol (CD Road Cone) Jizzo The Clown/Cubano Saucer/Utek Pahtoo Mogoi/Earn It/Starfailure/Dr. S. Balachander/Honduran Death Boat/Theme De Yo-Yo/Choice Rejoice
1997 VARIOS ARTISTS Hey Bobby J. - A Compilation Of Bobby J. And Friends K7 WHAM-O Medley: Openly I Could Space An Hour Or Two, Easy; Vacation Holiday Gateway; Sleepystoner
1998   VARIOUS ARTISTS RRR 500 (LP RRRecords) WHAM-O Untitled
    VARIOUS ARTISTS North America Vs Europe (2xK7 Cactus Gum)WHAM-O Nebraska
  IRVING KLAW TRIO Billy Ruane EP (K7 Shrimper)* (There is no info on the cover but the tape label is classic Shrimper style crayon with lines.) Untitled/Untitled
1997 IRVING KLAW TRIO Love Equals High (7" Mag Wheel Records) Love Equals High/More Stuff/DJ Bonzo Meets The Shadow
1997   VARIOUS ARTISTS Kaos Theory 89.3 FM Olympia Community Radio (CD K Records) IRVING KLAW TRIO Mogwai
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS Ass High And Left Or Center (VHS Black Velvet Fuckere Recordings) IRVING KLAW TRIO Utek Pahtoo Mogoi (Video)
1999   HOCKENHEIT I Love You (CD RoadCone) Ritual Nacirema/Help Me/Help You/Pios Bori? (Who Can Tell?)/Smokin' The Astronaut/Frightening Diaspora, Drifting Cranes/Fuzzy Rumble Face/I Love You/Domestic Peace/A Roomful Of Sun
2000   HOCKENHEIT Omu4h 4aholab/400 Boys (CD RoadCone) Seen/Two Fish Kissing/To Be Born Drunk And Die Dreaming/Give Them To The Ants/400 Boys/Please Turn Out The Sun
2000 VARIOUS ARTISTS Naked In The Afternoon: A Tribute To Jandek (CD Summersteps) HO CHEN HEIT Harmonica
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Topps All-Stars No. 1 (K7 20-20 Sound) IRVING KLAW TRIO Nothing Is Nothing
  HELLL Circle Around Our Years (K7 Union Pole/Waiting For The Tapes) (Jason Funk, Jeff Fuccillo, Naoyuki Arashi, Sakiyo Tobita, Tetsuro Yasunaga) Circle Around Our Years/Circle Around Your Ears
2014 WHAM-O Confused Over Explosions And Implosions (K7 Unread) My Cross/Smoking The Astronauts/Romp/Picked/Formula/Cheetah/Blue/In D (Conrad/Faust)/Recital/Holy/Sunny
2014   HELLL Π (Pi) (CD Meenna) (Jason Funk, Jeff Fuccillo, Naoyuki Arashi, Sakiyo Tobita, Tetsuro Yasunaga) Circle Around Our Years/Circle Around Your Ears /May
2018 VARIOUS ARTISTS It's Halloween Time (2xK7 Almost Halloween Time/Chthonic) HOCKENHEIT Coach Randal (666)