Irving Klaw Trio

This is an attempt to create a complete Irving Klaw Trio discography.
Irving Klaw Trio are Andrew Price, Jeff Fucillo and Jason Funk.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1993 The Pin-Up King (K7 Union Pole) Intro, Piano Keys For A Staircase/La Pelota De 8/Baby Blue Dodge Dart/Blow Smoke!/Bright Moments.../Love Sexy J. J./Three Neils/Baby, You Rock My Sol/American Tourist 1 & 2 (Pounding Pavement)/Passion Woman, Orange #5/Ivory Stock
1994 Irving Klaw Trio (K7 Union Pole)170 Ways/Love = High/Earn It (Es.g.)/Lounge It/357 Museum And The damage Done/Worth It/Jeff Wakes His dad?/Keeping People Alive/(Sonic Youth Come)/American Tourist Pt. 1/Love/(I've Got A) Ticket To Ride
1996 Irving Klaw Trio (CD Silly Bird Records) 911 Leo Express/Are You Ready To Die/Relleno 2/I Was Gone Before I Ever Begun/Relleno 1/Stoned Carver/Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Me/Supreme Love Roller Coaster/Counting Mothers/Stuff/So Italian, So intense/Bad Danger/Worlds Of Lightning
1996 Live S**t (K7 Shrimper)911 Leo Express/Earth - Sun/Earn It/Spirits Rejoice/So Italian, So Intense/(*)/Little * Of Bethleham
1997 Utek Pahto Mogol (CD Road Cone) Jizzo The Clown/Cubano Saucer/Utek Pahtoo Mogoi/Earn It/Starfailure/Dr. S. Balachander/Honduran Death Boat/Theme De Yo-Yo/Choice Rejoice


  Billy Ruane EP (K7 Shrimper)* (There is no info on the cover but the tape label is classic Shrimper style crayon with lines.) Untitled/Untitled
1997 Love Equals High (7" Mag Wheel Records) Love Equals High/More Stuff/DJ Bonzo Meets The Shadow


1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS Everybody Knows This Is (UP13) Nowhere (Vol. 1) (K7 Union Pole)Love =
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Drowned In A Torrent Of Golden Grain (K7 Catsup Plate) Brenden Bell The Hero
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Bottle Of Gallo: Highlights Of Union Pole Fest - 1994 (K7 Union Pole)Untitled
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS I Present This (7" Union Pole)Whitfield Pts. I, II, and III
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Cyanide Guilt Trip (7" Cactus Gum)Hermano Simon
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Topps All-Stars No. 1 (K7 20-20 Sound) Nothing Is Nothing
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS Who Cremated The Morning? (7" Sweet Baboo/The Gugliano Family Picknick) Positivity
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS Want Comp Deux (7" Wantage) Stuff
1997   VARIOUS ARTISTS Kaos Theory 89.3 FM Olympia Community Radio (CD K Records) Mogwai
1998   VARIOUS ARTISTS RRR 500 (LP RRRecords) Untitled
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS Ass High And Left Or Center (VHS Black Velvet Fuckere Recordings) Utek Pahtoo Mogoi (Video)