Crank Sturgeon

This is an attempt to create a complete Crunk Sturgeon discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1992   Crank Ciudad (K7 Self Released) 
1992   Crank Navidad (K7 Self Released) 
1993   Killing Still Lifes (K7 Crank Incorporado)Untitled/Untitled
1993   Knifeboat Youth Brigade (K7 Crank Incorporado) 
1994   Radio Six & Other Dead Still Life (K7 Crank Incorporado) 
1994   Sonata For A Police State (K7 Crank Incorporado) 
1994   Play The Bleughsturgeon (K7 Crank Incorporado) 
1994 CRANK STURGEON/WHAM-O Split (K7 Union Pole/Crank Incorporado)CRANK STURGEON You See.../...I Grope To An Am Shudder Whereby The Rainfall Rubbed With Auto Rytes Becomes Troughs Of Static.../...Lineated Into Currents And Stripes Of Grey, Needing A Volume Boost/WHAM-O So Stuck On One Thing Coming True/Who's Blues?/Reynolds Highschool, Circa 1994/Hollowed Out/"Sound"-Feels So Good/Flirting
1994   NEGRO/CRANK STURGEON Split (K7 Giardia/Fusetron/Muckraker)  
1994   Plays The Blues (K7 Self Released) Felt/Warmfelt Dirges Of Fuvkery/Fuvkery Of The Dirge/So Fuvk Me Fuvkery/Automatic Fuvkery/Feel The Dirge Fuvkery/Play The Bleughsturgeon
1995   Viva Ruido (K7 Bobby J)  
1995   Varied Purges De Nada 94-95 (K7 Chocolate Monk) Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
1995   Onemancrankfolksturgeon (K7 Crank Incorporado) 
1995   Cicada Ciguena (K7 Crank Incorporado) 
1995   Crank ESP (K7 E.F. Tapes) 
1995   Collostomaquina (K7 Deadline Records) 
1996   Acipenser Ziggurat (K7 Crank Incorporado) 
1996   Esturgeonium Fanciumdada Internacionales (LP Fusetron) 
1996   El Libro Huso (VHS Crank Incorporado) 
1996   CRANK STURGEON/PAISANO Split (K7 Broken Dobro) 
1997   CRANK STURGEON/RICHARD RAMIREZ A Whole Within A Hole (K7 Deadline Records) 
1997   CRANK STURGEON/GODSTOMPER Split (K7 Cesspool Records) 
1998   De Buttes (K7 Self Released) 
1998   Septembryos (K7 Self Released) 
1998   H2O In The FM (Ample Watery Demixer And Broadcast) (K7 Self Released) 
1998   CRANK STURGEON WITH SKINCRIME Untitled (2xCDR Solipsism) 
1998   Depth Charge Gamelan (K7 Self Released) 
1999   CRANK STURGEON WITH GI & THE SPYKES Untitled (K7 American Tapes) 
1999   RRRecycled (K7 RRRecords) 
2000   A Butte For Huso (4xK7 Spite) 
2000   Nein Ruckus Ot Ot (K7 Freesound Recordings) 
2000   The Secrets Of Men (K7 Self Released) 
2000   Boiled Baby Huso In Savory Sturgeon Oil (3xK7 Self Released) 
2000   Archipel And Encrustate (2xK7 Self Released) 
2000   You Are All Very Good Sturgeon (K7 Self Released) 
2000   Is Reverence Here (Remixes By Witcyst) (K7 Life Space) 
2000   Trout Mouthed And Fish-Eyed Leering (VHS Self Released) 
2000   CRANK STURGEON WITH CRITICAL THEATRE Coven Of Psychic Nurses (K7 Self Released) 
2001   I Love You Very Much You're So Brave (K7 Self Released) 
2001   Crattleer Bingh (K7 Self Released) 
2001   Passion (Of Crank Sturgeon) (K7 Self Released) 
2001   Your Instructional Kit Enclosed (K7 Self Released) 
2001   Perambulator Work Tape (K7 Freedom From) 
2001   For Maps Brupt Ropte Shipt (K7 Self Released) 
2001   Breakfast With Crank Sturgeon (VHS Walter Wright) 
2002   Pod For Accoutrement (CDR Mang Disc) 
2002   CRANK STURGEON/MIKE SHIFLET Split (K7 Gameboy Records) 
2002   Huita EEl (K7 Self Released) 
2002   Black Circle Cod (K7 Self Released) 
2002   One Hun And Twenty (K7 Self Released) 
2002   CRANK STURGEON/DISCOTHEQUE GRONLAND Split Your Ears (Pleasure Idiomat) (CDR Stillstand Records) 
2002   Motion Pict Saur (CDR XVP) 
2002   CRANK STURGEON WITH TRUCK VAN RENTAL Antiquations Dutch Hoax (K7 Self Released) 
2002   CRANK STURGEON WITH BOYD NUTTING Breakfast With Crank Sturgeon (CDR RRRecords) 
2002   Life's Great Rewards (K7 Self Released) 
2003   TRUCK VAN STURGEON Collaborations (CDR+Booklet Hondenkoekjesfabriek) 
2003   Imperative Field Decorder (Snorkel Tube With Bottom-Feeder Microphones Installed) (CDR Self Released) 
2003   Upon My Discovery Of The Huso Dead Pan Lair (LP RRRecords) 
2003   Chamber Music, Mystic Out-Bop Review Meets Rev. Crank Sturgeon (CDR Aria Arts Recordings) 
2003   Hora For A Big Fish whore (CDR Rape Art) 
2003   Promotional Video By... (VHS Self-Inflicted) 
2003   Good Looking Communists, Tochnit Aleph Punk Series Vol.3 (Remixes) (12" Tochnit Aleph) 
2003   CRANK STURGEON/SUSIPANK Live At Akumulator (CDR Susipank) 
2003   Hubris Huso Whoso Antebellum, (CDR Self Released) 
2003   CRANK STURGEON/TOTE STADT Split (CDR/K7 Scrotum Records) 
2004   CRANK STURGEON WITH ID M THEFT ABLE 030303: Half The Beast, Just You And I (CDR Mang Disc) 
2004   Old Cholk Codger Hereparts (Ie., Hooligan Epochs, Atlas Thugged) (CDR Audiobot) 
2004   Crank Sturgeon Has A Combover Landscape Tapir (CDR Self Released) 
2004   The Secrets Of Men (reissue) (CDR Self Released) 
2004   Crank Sturgeon Builds Dream Home (CDR Self Released) 
2004   Impermeable Michael (K7 Self Released) 
2004   Miss Latimer's Gift (K7 Gameboy Records) 
2004   Barely Parable (Seizure Overseas Yore Series) (K7 Self Released) 
2004   Crankt Sturgeon Hause (Remixes By Witcyst) (2xCDR Life Space) 
2004   Eyes Used For Tooth Support (K7 Imvated) 
2004   A Capella Workshop (K7 Imvated) 
2006   NOGGIN/ERIC BOROS/CRANK STURGEON & ID M THEFT ABLE Split (CD Manufracture)NOGGIN Untitled/ERIC BOROS Noise Wakame/NOGGIN Untitled/CRANK STURGEON & ID M THEFT ABLE ...A Still Summer Evening's Border Crossing Impaired (With Stolen Almanac)(It's Probably The Beards)/NOGGIN Untitled


1998   SUPPRESSION WITH CRANK STURGEON/MISOPSYCHIA Bloated To Full Capacity Bloodsucker (7" CNP)  
2003   The Portable Hake Atavist (3"CDR Mang Disc)  
2003   E-Z Voiceover Box-Top Living Solutions (7" Humbug)  
2004   CRANK STURGEON/GASTRIC FEMALE REFLEX Split (7" Beniffer Editions/Gold Sounds)  


1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Americanoise (K7 Mother Savage) 
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS E.F. Unplugged - Acoustic Compilation (K7 Freedom From)Dad's Fwinkie/Udder-Ball
1995   Sound Of Samsara (2xK7 E.F. Tapes)  
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Devon (2x7" Bobby J) Henghneh/The Real Answer To The Question Of How Mantovani Creates His Sparklingluminous Orchestration/Chibba/Stoicum Strainbada Sturgeon/Biopsy
1997   VARIOUS ARTISTS The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn (VHS Stomach Ache)  
1997   VARIOUS ARTISTS 2:00 Matinee (CD RRRecords)  
1997   VARIOUS ARTISTS My Baby Does Good Sculptures (CD Bananafish/Tedium House)  
1998   VARIOUS ARTISTS RRR500 (500 Lock Groove Compilation) (LP RRRecords)  
1998   VARIOUS ARTISTS Audio Terrorism (CD CNP)  
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Eepman Sez (CDR ELP)  
2001   VARIOUS ARTISTS Sounds From The Fuck You Movement (CD CNP)  
2001   VARIOUS ARTISTS Mic Gravy For Freek (CDR Starlight Furniture)  
2001   VARIOUS ARTISTS Call Of The Wild (VHS RRRecords)  
2002   VARIOUS ARTISTS Spoken Word by Noise Artists (CDR E.F. Tapes & Breathmint)  
2002   VARIOUS ARTISTS Be Very Afraid "Electronica Obscura" (CD Dead Mind Records)  
2002   VARIOUS ARTISTS Experiments In Da Hinterland (CDR Sonic Alchemy)  
2003   VARIOUS ARTISTS Soun (7" Gameboy Records)  
2003   VARIOUS ARTISTS Cottage Industrial Vol.1 (CDR Humbug)  
2003   VARIOUS ARTISTS The Date Fork Seeps The River (LP Nauscopy Records)  
2003   VARIOUS ARTISTS De Hondenkoekjesfabriek 2003 (CDR Hondenkoekjesfabriek)  
2003   VARIOUS ARTISTS Rotkop #7 (Sport Issue) (Zine+CD Rotkop)  
2011 VARIOUS ARTISTS Songs From A Door (K7 Unread) A Door Adore
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Blackbean And Placenta Proudly Presents Compilation Number Seven "Another One Sided" (12" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Conflacrationist's Portal Tribute Evening

Other Stuff

1995   POLSE Live/Benefit For The Rag (K7 Chocolate Monk)  
1997   USUFRUCT/JOHN DWYER Split (K7 Self Released)  
2004   COCK ESP Greatest Dicks 3 (3"CD Breathmint)