Cock E.S.P.

This is an attempt to create a complete Cock E.S.P. discography.
Cock E.S.P. is Emil Hagstrom.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1994   Music To Wash Girls By (K7 Chocolate Monk)  
1994   Mono Mad Men (K7 Face Like A Smacked Arse) 
1994   In The Mood For Love (K7 Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers) 
1994   Day Of The Dead Dicks (K7 Destroy All Music) 
1994   Ass Masters Breakout (K7 E.F. Tapes) 
1994   Squish (K7 E.F. Tapes) 
1994   LOVE & SINCERITY/COCK E.S.P. Love & Sincerity/Cock E.S.P. (K7 E.F. Tapes) 
1994   THIRDORGAN/COCK E.S.P. Thirdorgan/Cock E.S.P. (K7 E.F. Tapes) 
1994   To All the Girls We've Loved Before (K7 E.F. Tapes) 
1994   MSBR/COCK E.S.P. MSBR/Cock E.S.P. (K7 E.F. Tapes) 
1994   Never Mind The Boredoms (K7 E.F. Tapes) 
1994   COCK E.S.P./MACRONYMPHA Cock E.S.P./Macronympha (K7 Mother Savage) 
1995   Victoria's Anal Secret (K7 Deadline) 
1995   Up And Coming (K7 E.F. Tapes) 
1995   DANCING TEST TUBES/COCK E.S.P. Split (Union Pole) 
1995   Violent Onsen Geisha/Cock E.S.P. (K7 My Fiance's Lifework)  
1995   Recycled Music (K7 RRRecords)  
1995   Cock E.S.P./Xome (K7 23 Sound Recordings)  
1995   COCK E.S.P./XOME Split (K7 E.F. Tapes)  
1995   Richard Ramirez/Cock E.S.P. (K7 E.F. Tapes)  
1995   Jock (K7 Crank Incorporado)  
1995   Annabel Chong Loves Noise (K7 Deadline)  
1995   The Fine Art Of Anal Intercourse (K7 E.F. Tapes)  
1995   Cock E.S.P./A.M.B. (K7 E.F. Tapes)  
1996   AUBE/COCK E.S.P. Maschinenwerk (CD Charnel Music)  
1996   Greatest Dicks (CD Pure)  
1996   Grace Brother/Cock E.S.P. (K7 Noise)  
1996   Clit Cutters (K7 E.F. Tapes)  
1996   Get Her Down! Shove It In! It's Tango Time! (K7 Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers)  
1996   Drenched In The Blood Of Serious Noise Artists (K7 Jill-Off Tapes)  
1996   Cock E.S.P./Death Squad (K7 Spastik Soniks)  
1996   Cock E.S.P./Zartan (K7 E.F. Tapes)  
1996   Deep Kiss/Cock E.S.P. (K7 E.F. Tapes)  
1996   Dogliveroil/Cock E.S.P. (K7 E.F. Tapes)  
1996   Up And Down With Cock E.S.P. (K7 Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers)  
1996   Masters Of Humiliation (CDR Igniomous)  
1997   Cock E.S.P./Emil Hagstrom (K7 Labyrinth)  
1997   Bound For Glory (K7 JTY Tapes)  
1997 Menasha Red Light District (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club/SunShip) Anthem/Scars On E.S.P./Sheepless In Shawano/Hatewave/Veruca Salt Lick/Pain And Humiliation/Barely Legal/Strangers In The Night/No Panama/Soused On Sausage/Rubber Maidens (Parts One & Two)/Pornography Makes Life Worth Living/Smells Like Teen Quim
1998   Cockworld (CD Little Mafia) 
1998   You Know What They Say About Guys With Short Sets (K7 Freedom From) 
1998   Lasse Marhaug/Cock E.S.P. (CDR SunShip)  
1998   Cock E.S.P./Humectant Interruption (K7 Spite) 
1998   Futurism Is Stupid (K7 E.F. Tapes) 
1998   Cock Soup (K7 E.F. Tapes) 
1998   Viking Blood (K7 E.F. Tapes) 
1999   Lost Classics (MP3 Broke Bunnie) 
1999   MERZBOW/COCK E.S.P. Music For Man With No Name (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club)The Good, The Bad & The Ugly/The Ecstacy Of Gold/Aces High
1999   We Mean It This Time (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club/SunShip)Real Men Hate Electronic Music/More Than You Bargained For/We Mean It This Time/Fireside Chat/Keeping It Real/My Door Is Always Open/Sweat/Gothic Wisconsin/Enjoy The Violence/Almost As Radical As Investment Banking/Local Music Is Gay/Making It Our Business/Viking Blood/Extreme Music For Changing Times/I'm The King Of Your World/Every Little Thing She Does Is Annoying/Black E.S.P./They Don't Call It The Fox Valley For Nothing/Techno Is A Sham/Menasha Jazz Festival/As If/Comedy Has No Place In Music/Cruel But Effective/I Don't Think So/Things To Do In Green Bay When You're Drunk/Bursting With Talent/Is That A Limited Edition Cassette With Special Packaging In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?/Centerfold
1999   If She Says That You Can Have It Tell Her No (LP SunShip/Uglysound)  
1999   One Of The Best Bands I've Ever Ever Ever Heard (CDR 
1999   Cock E.S.P./4 Flies On Grey Velvet (CDR Let It Rot)  
1999   Maximum Protein (CDR SunShip) 
2000   Excessive Size Punisher (CD Fever Pitch)  
2000   Public Apology (K7 Freedom From) 
2000   An Oxygen Auction/Cock E.S.P. (CDR SunShip) 
2000   First Among Equals (CDR Freedom From) 
2000   Nihilist Spasm Band/Cock E.S.P. (CDR SunShip) 
2000   Larsen (MP3 Independent Mind) 
2000   Cock E.S.P./Unconditional Loathing (3" CDR SunShip) 
2000   Brutum Fulmen/Cock E.S.P. (3" CDR Gameboy) 
2001   The Pride Of North American Noise (CD Breathmint/Carbon/Ecstatic Peace/Ignivomous/SunShip)  
2001   More Second Rate Material (K7 New Gods Of Tundra) 
2001   SunShip Sextet (CDR Carbon) 
2002   Three And A Half Inches Of Floppy Cock (3.5" diskette 1.44mb) 
2002   Cock Street USA (CDR E.F. Tapes) 
2003   Greatest Dicks II (CD Breathmint/Carbon/Deathbomb Arc/Little Mafia/SunShip/Yelpco) 
2003   Hurts So Good - The Cock E.S.P. Remix CD (CD V/Vm Test Records) 
2003   COCK E.S.P./PANICSVILLE Last Train To Cocksville (CD Little Mafia/Nihilist/SunShip) 
2004   Greatest Dicks III (3" CD Breathmint/Deadline/Little Mafia/SunShip) 
2004   COCK E.S.P./WAFFELPUNG Split LP (CD Roggbif/SunShip) 
2004   Cock E.S.P./Origami Genitalia (K7 FDDE) 
2005   We Would Be Happy - A Noise Opera (CD Little Mafia/Nihilist/Roggbif/SunShip) 
2005   Cock E.S.P./The Jaguar (CDR Audiobot) 
2006   Cassetteworks 1994-2004 (3xCDR E.F. Tapes) 
2006   Cock E.S.P./Pommel (K7 No Sides Records) 
2007   Previously Unreleased, Despite Our Best Efforts (K7 E.F. Tapes)  
2007   Drikk For Glemme, Men Ikke Glem Drikke (CDR Noise2) 
2008   SUFFERING BOARD/COCK E.S.P. Suffering Bastard/Cock E.S.P. (10" Apop/Breathmint/Freenoise/Little Mafia) 
2008   Suicide Girls Has Ruined Porn For An Entire Generation (K7 Breathmint)  
2008   Solypsis/Cock E.S.P. (K7 Freenoise) 
2008   Newton/Cock E.S.P. (K7 Breathmint)
D064 2008
2009   Greatest Dicks 4 (CDR Freenoise) 
2009   Twoeadsluts Onegoodfuck/Cock E.S.P. (K7 Lascivious Aesthetics) 
2009   Cock E.S.P./Armenia (MP3 BAA) 
2011   COCK E.S.P./HOSTAGE PAGEANT Split (K7 E.F. Tapes)  
2011   ARVO ZYLO + COCK E.S.P. Fuck E.S.P. (K7 E.F. Tapes) 


1994   COCK E.S.P./MERZBOW Music For Man With No Name (7" Fusetron) 
1995   Cock E.S.P./Dogliveroil (7" Very Good Records) 
1996   Our Embarrassment Is Your Pleasure (7" Little Mafia) 
1998   COCK E.S.P./HARRY PUSSY Wreck Small Cocks On Expensive Pussies (8" lathe Freedom From)  
1998   COCK E.S.P./SMELL & QUIM Super Noise Penis (7" Spite)  
2000   Cock E.S.P./Noumena (7" Gameboy) 
2000   COCK E.S.P./EVIL MOISTURE Monsters Of Cock (5" Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers/Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club/Ecstatic Peace/Freedom From/Gameboy/Ignivomous/Little Mafia/Self Abuse/SunShip/Spite/Uglysound/White Tapes) Jungle Boogie/Vibrato Canal/1 R.P.M Marathon (Long Version)/Are You Man Enough/My Dinner With Andy/Six Hours/Cock P.C.P./Consumer Elephantiasis/Dead Motor Drop Out/Step To The Rear/Cockumentary/Ejaculation Nation/Superdouche/Buzz Masters/Porator/I Don't Think So - No Wait, I Do Think So/Lightning Struck My Anus/Bolus To The Wall/Motion Lotion/Pubis Clitoramic/Beaten Out, But Not Flat/Anal Asian/Realistic Vagina/A Feminist Perspective/Pre-Ejac Mantra/Ear Exterminator/Cock Extension Super Penis/Point Your Pointed Stick Someplace Else/Testicle Dept./Jollies, Part 5/Drink Piss Noize Muzak/Flat Out, But Not Beaten/Cock E.L.O./Never Mind The Bolus/Latex Lick/Girls Who Crave Bad Cocks/Love Tube Wipe Out/Muff King/Rectal Insectocutioner/Testicles Of The Octopus/Super Soundwaves/The Joy Of Masturbation/Cock Calibration Meter/Turbine Burger/Ass Morning (Gerogerigegege)/Black Hole/Vodka Banjos/Can You Read Lips?/Nude Song/Don't Get The Wrong Idea Unless It's Right/Shake 'Em!/Here's Your Reward/Super Crack/Cock Excessive Size Punisher/Audio Trap/Moisture Tattoo Gun Maniacs/Black & Pecker/P.A. Destroyer/A.C. Songs Are Long And Boring/4-D Dong/Hairlip Serenade In Neenah Twilight/Ear Raid/A.F.T.P./Under A Blood Red Ass/Lords Of Lactation/Rear Window/Adventures Of The New Beaver, Book Three/Feedback Factor/69 Ways To Please You/Bladder Control/What's Up?/The Night Before Christmas (94 Mega-Medley)/Free Vaginal Examination/I Want You To Want It/Be Gentle/Double Whopper/Smegma Omelet On The Menu/Blame It On Rhea/Moisture Of Invention/Wishful Thinking/Step Inside-Try And Hide/Evil Cock/Watermelon Torpedo War/Phantom Mic Thruster/Once Is More Than Enough, Twice Is Excessive/Theme From N.O.I.S.E./Public Image/A.C.M.E. Dynamite Song #2098/Larynjectomy Is Not A Tragedy/Cockfight (Round 8)/Universal Hiss/Cascading Schlongs/Fanny Rammer/The Most Electrifying Band In Noise Entertainment/Cock Extended 12-Inch Remix/This Is Only Moisture/Cheap Fuzz Trick/So Many Fluids, So Little Time/It's Not Evil If You Enjoy It/Shoot Your Wad On That Noise CD/Pink Nylon Tractor/Vacuum Core/We've Got The Goods/The Sappho's Boudoir/With All Our Love/Never Forget Deaf/Blipvert For A Burnt Squid/We Wish We Had That Powder/Colostomy Hole Surfers/Erection Connection/1/4 Inch Eel To Eel Ape Decoder/Double Dip/Breast Implosion/Split Hemisphere Aerobics/Poke Around/RRRectum/Hiss Dictator/Master Of The Forced Entry/Why Repeat? Why Repeat? Why Repeat? Why Repeat?/Anvil Action/G-Clamp Castration/Mandibular Serration Unit/Motor Mollusc/Rod Rule/Lucky You, Lucky Lucky You/Cock P.M.S./Beastiality Romance Novel/Tammy Wrestles Cindy But Paul Wins/Sperm Pump Repair/Limited Edition Penis/Ear Drum = Hymen/Gob Of Fuzz/Dial 1-900-C.E.S.P./How Many Noise Artists Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?/Power Tool Hot Pants/Cock Killer/Home Sex Is Killing Pornography/Snuff Noise/Supreme Emperor Of Hum/Melted Meat Metal Muthas/We've Got The Ideas/Kentucky Fried Cock/Moisture In Tight Trousers/Dylan's Lisarrator Accident/Clown Sex Dream/Geisha Girl Love Orgy 1975/Suck Of The Century, Muff Of The Milennium/Cock Catharsis/Various Art Tits/Do The Mikawa/Noise Portrait Of Large Nipples (Dedicated To Val D'Orito)/Fuckin' Andrew/Violent Amp Attack '69/I Should've Groaned Better/Transatlantic Tickler/Fee Fi Fo Fuck/Shitmaster/Birth-Death Of Noise Music, Rebirth Of Fool/Liquidiser Joke #85/Airhose Anemone/Armpit Lover/Journey To The Center Of Hiss/Balls To The Ceiling/Lipburger Guitar Fur/Nipple Party 1985/Ranch Of The Nymphomaniac Girls/King Of Electronix/Swingin' Sabre (Remix #666666661)/Face Sitting Dance Mix (Face Sitting Dance Mix)/Free To Pee (On Me)/Ferret Chow Mein/Saliva Mics/Daddy's Revenge/Ballbreaking Lunch Experience/Pajama Party/Sexist But Cute/Jizz For The Taste Of It/Don't Knock The Cock/Four On The Floor/Oriental Love Dolls Are Calling Me/Stolen Ear Plugs/Butt Plug's Big Day/Expensive Moisture/I Really Want To Hurt You/Hammeroid Cream/Think Before You Ask, OK?/Painful Rectal Itch/Come Again?/My Love Will Tear You Apart/Evil Andy Touched Them/Music To Wash Gorillas By/Barry's White Ass/Rocket Crash In Mouth/Emilamp Toss/Skyway Lounge Theme/My House Is On Fire/Moisture Man/Robin Makes The Boys Wonder/Scrapatak/Frosting The Face/Accidental Ass Attack/Ear Sex/My Dick Is On Your Lunchbox/Will You Respect Me Tomorrow?/Don't Worry, Be Horny/Why Don't You Bend Over?/Paul's Problem Has Been Solved/Dream Beaver/How Tall Are You?/I'll Treat You Right/Blow Job Denial/Body Oil Performance/I Wanna Buy Your Panties/Date With Destiny, And Me/Ramirez Stress Deflator (Or Is That Inflator?)/Come Near The Rear-Nothing To Fear/Stripper At My Family Reunion/I Forgot My Cock!/219% Chance Of Golden Showers/Mary Tied Up Moore/Motor Pants Moisture Release/Projectile Donut Campaign/Monster Ears And Monkey Tits/Big Round Mound Of Sound/Silly Silicone/Full Blast (Up The Ass)/Headphone Suicide/Gruesome Twosome/Fly Swatting Sound Effect #4532/Noise Balloons/Rice Guitar Fart Nasality/Bag Slappin'/Female Road Show/You're Giving Me A Complex/Live Like A Pervert, Die Like A King/Humble Noise Offering #-0004.237/Increase The Yeast/We've Played The Knitting Factory, How About You?/My Favorite Rear/Yes, Dear/All My Very Best Inches/Noise Biathlon/Lap My Lap, Slap My Sack/Noise Warp/Smells Like Teen Pregnancy/Toaster Emancipation-Twilight/Noise Groupies (Oh, Where Can They Be?)/Boob Tube Burst Lube/Ironhair Beach Ball/Shoot-Out, Clean-Up/Alarm Clock Abuse/Russ Meyer Breast Command/Hiss Manifesto (0.2 Second Remix)/Don't Get So Worked Up Over Nothing/Anal Adventures/Hard-On Hard-To-Get/Clipping Toe Nail Intro/Play With It/Ass Worship Theme/Sodomy Song #38/Let Me Wipe/Donkey Show Girl/I Touch Myself... Often/Tonight's The Night/Pinky/Leather Pit Gel/The Way We Were, The Way We Will Be, The Way I Want It/U.S. Savings Bondage/Creamy Cucumber/Shit Pulp (In My Hands)/Rewarding Contact/The Kind Of Man Your Mother Warned You About/Pot Stainer/Get Off Moist Andy/Special Request/Rooster Boy/Moving Violation/Video Sale/Can't Stop The Loving, And Believe Me I've Tried!/Hold On, I'm Comin'/Country Line/Open The Applegate/Brown Sugar Excitement-False Alarm/Service Station/Private Penis-Public Pussy/Fuck Instructor/Cockstock 1994/Give Me Back My Orgasm/Learn The Hard Way/Tit Tan/Steakhouse Swimwear/Oversized Filthy Mind/Up All Night/Evil Moisture Breathalizer/Sexual Tune-Up/Adjustable Beer Girl/One-Stop Cock/Sex Tip For Parents/Love Hurts/Bit By Flying Ass/Guaranteed Cock Comedy/Minneapolis Cock Convention/Dishwater Dick Drama/Maltan Muff Maul Manouever/Handy Man/Adult Landfill/Mannequin Muff/Wet Nurses/Perky Pet/Traditional Colon/Organ Mover/Drive-In Rack/Rodeo Rope Girl/Evil Cock Same Day Service/Unsurpassed Chinese Intercourse/Bed-Wetting Women/Rubber Roommate Referral/Digital Sausage Demonstration/Fondling Expert/Illuminated Breasts/You Waited Six Years For This Record, Aren't You Disappointed?/Sperm Soda/Tokyo Sperm Bath/Affordable Student/Moisture Pride/Bachelorette Party/Handle With Care/Sex Fax/Fist Avenue/Dangling Diaphragm/Throw It In The Cow Fistula/You Suck (And That's A Good Thing)/Thanks For The Free Stuff/Stupid Is As Stupid Does/#669/Me Vs. You = Us/Laid In Advance/You Put Your Money Into Us And You Lost Your Ass/Your Girlfriend Looks Better (When I'm Drunk)/I Was Outbid At The Oxygen Auction/Freedom From Freedom/Sweet Homo Alabama/Did I Say "We"? I Meant "Oui"!/Bigger Than The Boys/At Least I Don't Live In Milwaukee/Lesbian Secrets (Radio Edit)/Moisture On Parade/Cock Pride (100%)/Not Just Moist, Warm As Well/No One Buys Noise Records Anymore/Where Have You Been All My Life?/Pornographic Technologies/Interesting Cosmetics/Noise Is War, And We Are Losing/Brief Example Of Squelching/Give It Back If You Don't Want It/Dorm Room Dilemma/Lacrosse Dressing/Avant-Garde Experimental Composition #2 (Extract)/Turned Around 360 Degrees/Ambient Noise Is Killing All My Friends/Tour Cancellation Party/Spanks For The Memories (Gabber Mix)/Come On Over, Cum All Over/Cum As You Are/Bound Coeds Newsletter/San Diego Calling/It's Not Enough/Small Penis Avenue/Noise Blast #446/Well Worth The Wait/Don't Apologize, I Enjoyed It/Year Of The Cock/Working In College Radio Is A Good Way To Meet Women/Evil Mustard/Hipster Doofus Revival/Why Is Gus So Lucky?/Ready To Rock, Somewhat Prepared To Roll/Hello Stranger/Final Touch/It's Over, Forget It
2004   After Everything Now Shit (7" lathe Root Don Lonie For Cash)  
2006   OVO/COCK E.S.P. Split (7" 8mm Records/Apop Records/Bar La Muerte/Bastardised/Carbon Records/Little Mafia)  
2009   EXTREME NOISE TERROR/COCK E.S.P. Split (5" Little Mafia)  
    Limited Edition Cassette Singles Series Volume 1 (K7 E.F. Tapes)  


1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Kiling Has Muerto Cuantas Veces? (12" Climax Records) Dinosaur
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS Easter, Puberty, & Amplifiers (7" Ignivomous) Roman Lust
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Comp #6: Cooking Hows And Whys (12" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Sticky Fingers & Red.Red Asses
1998   VARIOUS ARTISTS RRR 500 (LP RRRecords) Untitled
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS Ass High And Left Or Center (VHS Black Velvet Fuckere Recordings) Bellingham Blues (Video)
2002   VARIOUS ARTISTS Blackbean's Dirty Little Secret (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) JEAN BACH Agaric And Bhab/SISSY SPACEK Untitled/COCK E.S.P. Total Eclipse Of The Cock/CHARALAMBIDES Trainsong/GANG WIZARD Untitled/LONGSTONE Access Denied/ROSE FOR BOHDAN Dumptruck/NOXAGT Digipakk/ALLUN Miniature/INCA EYEBALL Woodbines/REYNOLS Quito Plasno 1960/PLANETARIUM Call Of The Gnostic Hymn/WRONG An Excersize In Lapsus Linguoe/AUBE Ionosphere VI/LARZ Where Were The Movers/MONOTRACT Ebony DMD/ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS Brought Together/BIG WHISKEY Assasination Attempt/III Agenda
2002   VARIOUS ARTISTS Why Is Anything Forbidden? A Tribute To No Limit Records (CD Deathbomb Arc) COCK E.S.P. WITH DJ ENORMOUS GENITALS (Never Gonna) Bounce
2005   VARIOUS ARTISTS Like A Rug In A Lake (CD Freedom From) Heey Idiot Did You Call Pryia

Other Stuff

2003   ROSE FOR BOHDAN Decoration Monster (2CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club, Deathbomb Arc, Imvated and Cephia's Treat) (Cock E.S.P. remixes "Cripple Jellyfish") Cripple Jellyfish (Cock ESP Remix)