The World Of Dust – 13 Holy Nights – LP (Preorder)


AHT 144 – Limited Edition of 39 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Wild Boars
2. Amputation
3. Christmas Eve
4. Tascam 388
5. Sad Detective
6. Art School
7. A Stove
8. Twelve Grapes
9. Two Faces
10. Trunajaya
11. Ball Game
12. Vines
13. Last Act


The 13 Holy Nights take place from 23th December to 6th January. According to anthroposophical teachings, a stronger connection with the spiritual world is possible during this magical time. By following ancient rituals you can reconnect with the natural world and tune in with where you stand in life. One way to look back on the past year and forward to the next is through dreams. During the winter solstice of 2022, The World of Dust’s Stefan Breuer documented his dreams and turned them into these songs.

The World of Dust is the solo project of musician and collage artist Stefan Breuer, based in Bilthoven (a small village near Utrecht, The Netherlands). The World of Dust offers a refuge of serenity to escape this complex world. In his dreamy universe of experimental folk songs and DIY collage art you will find your thoughts calming down. The World of Dust has shared the stage with likeminded artists such as Karl Blau, Calvin Johnson, I am Oak and Matthew Caws (Nada Surf), and toured extensively since 2014, performing in The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany and Japan. Stefan also plays in other bands (Combo Qazam, wh^rl, ex-I am Oak), organizes shows and has his own label (Tiny Room Records).

The album has already had a temporary release on Instagram during the last Holy Nights (one song a day, accompanied by AI artwork), but now sees an official release on 7th June by the labels Tiny Room Records (Netherlands), Lousy Moon Records (Germany) and Almost Halloween Time Records.

released June 7, 2024

13 Holy Nights was recorded on a Tascam 388, a ¼-inch tape machine Stefan also used when he started recording at the age of 10. No guitars were used, just percussion, bass, vocals and keyboards. Most of the sounds come from the Ensoniq ASR-10 sampler synthesizer. Weird new sounds for weird dreams, influenced by artists like Robert Wyatt, Portishead, Robert Pollard and The Microphones.

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