SsssssS! – SsssssS! II – LP


AHT 109 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

SsssssS! (Rick)
Lantern Eyes (Rick)
Halls of Grendel (Rich-music, Rich and Rick-lyrics)
Dark Ride (Gerry)

Days (Tom Verlaine, Richard Lloyd – Television)
Santa Fe (Rick)
Atom Heart Mother Fucker/Priest in the Cellar (Rich)


The opportunity to counterfeit the cover of Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd that presented itself to me while working on the prototype of the series of covers that I will make for the second Sssssss album! is too greedy to pass up.

Obviously not all covers will feature the cow. I think I’ll stick to a couple of these. The cow with the hills of San Bernardino, the cow in Santa Fe and the cow kidnapped by aliens.

There’s a song titled “Atom Heart Motherfucker”, there are references to same places in the USA and there are aliens.

Over the past year I’ve been drawing like crazy, mostly for some new releases that have turned out to be hits. I was therefore forced to delay others, because Almost Halloween Time Records has a limit, my hands and the left that does not want to learn how to draw independently of the right.
I want to dedicate myself with the same passion to every outing and I think I can still do it.

And so today I’m finally ready and proud to show you the first cover designed for “SsssssS! 2”.

In the fall of 1988 as Professor M. Near of Occidental College read the epic hero poem Beowulf, two young students were having trouble staying awake due to the class being of the dreaded 9am sort. Images of pre- Angelina Error invaded their naps and shook them awake. At the time, Rick and Rich both were members of separate, locally established bands. That did not stop them from channeling their mutual classic literature and guitar energy into extended dorm damage jams on songs by Alice Cooper, Suicidal Tendencies, and Ten Years After—Rich returned from living in Japan to find Rick ready to plug back in and give it a go in their first mutual project. Sssssss! were soon co-founded by Anti-Christ Overdub’s Jilly Ann on vocals and flute. After trying for a while to find a permanent bass player, Rich reasoned that his wife Mon (a classically trained pianist) should be able to figure out an instrument with just four strings; so he promptly stuck a bass in her hand and drafted her into service. Gerry Hernandez soon rounded out the band on drums. The five set out to expose as many patrons of Southern California night clubs, art galleries, and Legion Halls to their rather odd ideas about prog-rock, metal, punk, country, goth, and whatever else have you.
On this album, the band is joined by Rick’s daughter Maddelleine Grae on vocals for a number of songs.

Rick Goosewind – Vocals, guitar, drums on Dark Ride, bass on Atom HeartMF
Rich Jones – Guitar, console steel (slide) guitar
Akiko “Mon” Jones – Bass, keyboards
Gerry Hernandez – Drums, vocals on Dark Ride
Maddelleine Grae – Vocals
Jill Barron – Vocals on Atom HeartMF
Melody Kriesel – backing vocals on SsssssS! And Santa Fe

Produced and engineered by Jen Preciado and Bob Adolescent at Electric House Studio –Whittier, CA

Days and Priest in the Cellar recorded and introduced by Robert Douglas (Livation) KXLU FM 88.9 Los Angeles, CA; co engineered by Hilary Russell

Atom Heart Motherfucker recorded live by Chris Jackson @ Dipiazza’s

Post Production on Atom Heart MF/Priest in the Cellar by Rich Jones

Mastering by Cee Worth
Copyright 2021 SsssssSongs!

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