The Cadets – A Collection Of Two Releases: On The Death Of Science As A Major World Religion *and* Finding The Straight And Level – LPx2


AHT 113 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

G-Ville As Rare Factions
Drifter’s Cotillion (Pre-Cry)
Ides Of April
Pax Cadetia
In A Wyoming Blizzard
South Of The Border At 8:13am
Two Years Before The Mast
Cowford-Promised Prince
And If They Ask, We’re A Fortress
On The Symmetry Of Baobab Trees
Electric Potential Across a Crucifix / Razor’s Edge
Wye Town And New Design
Bustle Down A Train
Year Of The Mongoose
Corpus Christi


The funeral of science will be attended by many, those who served it and those who killed it. On the Italian identity cards there is a field in which the profession is indicated. The last time I renewed it, they asked me what work I did, what my occupation was. I wanted to answer: A scientist or a barker.
Science has died a lot of times and a lot of times it’s reborn.
If I had answered scientist today I would have been legitimized, I would have started writing about vaccines, astronomy, medicine and chemistry. If I had answered barker I would have done the same.
But in reality I can’t answer the question. Am I an artist? Am I an employee? Am I a writer or rather an ornithologist?

“On The Death Of Science As A Major World Religion (and) Finding The Straight And Level” collects songs from The Cadets third full length and previous EP.

The Cadets are from Jacksonville, Florida, their music bridges 50s era surf rock with 90s era guitar-focused indie rock, their lyrics can be whimsical and depressing, unfolding stories of loss and sexual frustration with animal metaphors and science fiction.

Chuck Smyth has been the voice and lead guitar of the band with eternal summer camp style friend Cash Carter (Tracy Shedd, Little Gold, Blunt Bangs, Thee Harmonious Fists) since 1993. They are joined by lo-fi budget rock hero Chad Matheny (Emperor X) and musical chameleon Isaac Bear (Thee Harmonious Fists) for most of these recordings made during a ten year stretch.

A corelease with Science Project Records


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