Douglas Kramer Nye – The End Is Nye – LP


AHT 071 – Limited Edition of 55 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Judas Prone 03:50
2. Folkwaves 02:20
3. Middleton Prayer 02:48
4. Wearing Black 02:41
5. Tin Soldiers 02:52
6. Bury Me Deep 02:05
7. Jane Collective 02:32
8. Let’s Dance 02:43
9. Eye Spy 01:40
10. We Don’t Live 03:12
11. Touch Me Someplace I Can Feel 02:46


The hidden gemstone of the Almost Halloween Time Records catalog is without any shadow of doubt Douglas Kramer Nye. I don’t remember how Doug came to know about my record label, why he chose me but I needed only one listen to ”No Good Samaritan” to decide that I wanted to work with him. Seven years after, Douglas has delivered to me another masterpiece.
”The End Is Nye” is less personal than the previous chapter and it is rich of contents. Slave plantations, cotton flowers, Folkways, Monarch, Apple, Orch and Flying Nun, the house where Bob Dylan recorded, Elvis, Roy Orbison, funerals, birds, the Lawrence Welk show, tin soldiers, the dystopian world in which we live, Angel Oak, the Jane Collective, fascism rising again. This is a limited edition of 55 copies with unique hand drawn, painted artworks inspired by the lyrics of the album. The album is also expected to be released in the United States with a screen printed artwork. Limited to 55 copies too. The End Is Nye

released September 13, 2019

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Weight .250 kg