Kitchen Cynics – Songs From Room 9 – LP


AHT 110 – Limited Edition of 110 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1 A rat running
2 A sailor
3 Whose fool are you?
4 Album
5 A question answered
6 Jennifer Gentle (trad)
7 The hen
8 Holding hands
9 Aches and pains
10 Contentment


“Songs From Room 9” by Kitchen Cynics was recorded in the middle of the lockdowns of 2020, when Alan was allowed back into his studio. He had missed being able to lose himself in making music and art, so he had conflicted emotions. Partly, like almost everyone else, he was feeling nervous and melancholic, but also he was now a bit guilty about being happy and relieved at working again. The songs reflect those mixed feelings.

“Songs From Room 9” by Kitchen Cynics is again populated by birds.
Chaffinches, fulmars, owls, guillemots, eiders and a hen…
She has a razorblade in her mouth …

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