4min – Messages – LP


AHT 124 – Limited Edition of 109 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Eight
2. Bbbaaabrbrr
3. Piano Tree
4. Magistration
5. AAaa
6. Recalistration
7. Asolatiinist
8. Dont Know The Words
9. Committment
10. This Life
11. Paitent15B
12. Rain
13. Ting
14. Nagigation


When Chris sent me the link to his personal Dropbox folder, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Inside were hundreds of previously unreleased songs.
We were talking about the possibility of releasing a 4min record on Almost Halloween Time Records.
What had opened in front of me was a chest full of treasures, difficult to catalogue and value.
I moved through it blindly, concentrating on the titles, listening to the songs that had the most bizarre titles or that I thought were interesting. The songs spanned all imaginable genres.
I once saw a picture of Chris’ recording studio, Peter Jefferies must have sent it to me. Musical instruments of all kinds were visible, some never seen before.
I think Chris is able to play them all and knows all their keys and chords.
Chris won me over with the song he sent for “Portraits From The Quarantine”. If there were no continents and oceans in between I think I would try to hide in his recording studio to watch him at work, writing songs or recording them for others. Then in the evening I would bombard him with questions. Why aren’t there twenty more 4min albums available at the local record store? Or also on bandcamp?
But I feel that with Chris I could talk about anything. And then I would ask him if he has ever been to Italy, what is his favorite book, the name of one of those strange instruments.
To get to “Messages”, Chris sent me some collections, some selections of tracks and I listened to them, pointing out the ones that struck me the most. The end result is the collection of songs included in the album at the end of months of work. I think Chris put his all into it, his heart for sure.


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