Theme Park

This is an attempt to create a complete Theme Park Records discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

TP01 VARIOUS ARTISTS Corkscrewed K7 BROWN TOWER Sleeping In/NICK JACKMAN Waiting For The Sky To Fall/THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Flight 717: Going To Denmark/POST The Supermarket Checkout/NATIONAL HEROES Remote Control/EARL AND OSRAM No Easy Way Down/MEMORY OF YOUR NOSE On My Right Side/HOOD Bomb Scare #14/THE MOUNTAIN GOATS The Admonishing Song/THE LOSERS Guess You'd Best Be Gone/FULCRUM The Sweeney/HELLFIRE SERMONS Real Life Seams/WIZARD HO HO Toilet Trolls/DALE SHAW Vague Homosexual Teenage Blues/THRUSH Thanks/WINGTIP SLOAT Lost
TP02 NICK JACKMAN Birds Of Fire K7Born To Burn/Cheap Distractions/Air France/When Time Goes Slow/Bono/Skate City/Carosel Girl/Hurricane Tree/Magic Ocean
TP03 NATIONAL HEROES National Heroes K7You Get On My Nerves/Care In The Community/Head On A Spike/Why?/Electric Storm/Heaven's Only Son/Flamenco Butterfly/Alice Springs/Every Little Creature/Lisa's Dog/Looks Like I'm Here/Beautiful/A Horse's Smile/When The Clocks Go Back/He Was A Friend Of Mine/Second Hand Shop/The Bigamist & The Pyromaniac/Sitting & Waiting/Greek Island Chaos/Looks Like I'm Here (Live In Leicester)/Messages From A U.F.O/Surf Maniacs/Blue Dress
TP04 THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Philyra 7"Third Snow Song/The Monkey Song/Love Cuts The Strings/Pure Honey
TP05 VARIOUS ARTISTS Our Salvation Is In Hand - Various Artists Acoustic Based Compilation CD PAUL NINI Down To The Floor/BUCKNALLS Travelsick/SIMON JOYNER Sorrow Floats/NEIL MCCLURY Untitled/THE BRUCES Beginning To See The Real Light Fade/FATHER Teach Us/THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Alpha Omega/LOSERS She Never Promised/PASTE 68x8/MATTHEW HATTIE HEIN AND WHAM O New House Basement/FRANKLIN BRUNO Cat Scratch Fever/STEVE LINDSTROM Me And The Weatherman/M-WAYS The Last Deep Min/FUNGOBAT Radio City/SPACEHOPPER Spoken For/MARK Stephen/POST The Joy Of Spring/BROWN TOWER Bacterial Home/NICK JACKMAN Fucked Up And Free/TREWAVAS Who Needs Me?/YAK G My Own Fiegdom/PARTY OF ONE Hit The North 3/THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Hand Ball/JOHN DAVIS Waiting For My Wife/HOOD Art Without Precedent Or Tradition
TP06 THE SUGAR RAYS & BROWN TOWER Live From Nottingham K7 THE SUGAR RAYS Surfhoney/Janitors Of Tomorrow/King Jerk/Thrown Up/Hot Dog/Trashed Out/Monkee's Head/Dirty Gurls/1234/Peacemaker/I Want More/Bewitched/BROWN TOWER It's Not Nutritios/Ditto/Greenpoint/House/Birdwoman/Frank Is A Superhero/Beetroot/Birkenstock Sandals/Country Stacking/Wig Wam/Immature/Goodbye To Love/Woodchip/Let's Make Friends/Encore
TP07 WIZARD HO HO Listen To The Sound And Weather Of... K7 Time In Our Life/A Voice In The Void/What's For tea?/Ten Words/Not A While Ago In The West/The Swing/One Hundred/Abigail/Guitars And Abbatoirs/Through The Sticky Window
TP08 PLASTER SCENE Gantry & Western K7 Table Mats/J. R. Hawksucker/Outdoorsman/Worn Out, True, Conventional/Don't Leech Me/Real Bad Day/Jay Rise/Hot Nail Stories/For Beginners/Strch Krst Skrs Krk!/The Sleeping Club/Information, Write
TP09 SIMON MURRAY Simon Murray K7Indian's/I Hit Wonder/Pinky's Famous Saloon/Acetone In My Eyes/The Crossdresser Connection Line/I Need A 40/Billy's Tale/These Socks Stink!/Goot/Log For Girls/Hullabaloo/Drool/December 1982/Zephyr/Jolly Kimono/Gibber/I Need Sleep
TP10 VARIOUS ARTISTS Goodness! Lurks Beneath Your Pillow 7" corelease with Traumatone)SPACEHOPPER You've Got Me Wrong/BUCKNALLS Drevracket/FLINGE Fashionvictimesque/WIZARD HO HO Stones
TP11 NATIONAL HEROES Interplanetary Music LPSurf Heroes/Fire And Explosion Research Group/Oh Holy Light!/Decadence/Emotional Cripple/Ms Evangelism/The Rocket Scientist/Water Covers A Lot Of The Earths Surface/Mary/Alt B. M. Theme Tune/Sound Of Wax/Lighthouse Keeper/You Can Do Anything/Greek Island Chaos/The Mouse/Jack's Finale/Fantasy Island/All My Circles Are Ovals/Hero Worship/The Last Day Of Summer/Turning On (Untitled)
TP12 SUMMIT Summit K7Citadel/Kane, King Of Sirius/Where My Heart Lies/Zumpano Kingdom/Shot-Blasting
TP15 NATIONAL HEROES Hardcore Mellow (K7 reissue of an old Traumatone release, also on Catsup Plate) Country Heroes/The Comedienne/Horses Smile/Lady In The Black Coat/Hardback Author/Time Travelling/Moroccan Drifter/Too Close To The Sun/Rave Shelter/All Things In Between/Dawn Davies Loves You/Year Of The Late Night/All My Circles Are Ovals/The Sea Of Tranquility/The Drum Throne/Pete's Bolero/Umbrella Shop/The Last Nan/The Final Beginning
TP16 BROWN TOWER I'm Afraid My Throat Hurts K7 (reissue of an old Traumatone release)House/Bye Bye/Bird Woman/Frank Is A Superhero/Birkenstock Sandals/It's Not Nutritions/Wig-Wam/Let's Make Friends/Beetroot/Excellent Bass Lines
TP17 BROWN TOWER Colgate Routine K7 (reissue of an old Traumatone release)You're So Immature/The Chicken/Lufthansa (Vegetarian)/Mom And Dad Told Me/Chew/Green Point/Colgate Kiss/Wood Chip/Getting Things Straight/Don't Shave Your Legs/Vitamin C/Ditto/T.S.A.R./Down With Country Stacking/Animal Blanket
TP18 BROWN TOWER Dirt's Up (K7 reissue of an old Traumatone release)Elver Pip/We Stayed At Helmut's House/Make A Sandwich From My Love/Norway, I Ask You/I'm A Big Girl Now/Arpegio Monger/Sleeping In/Dirt's Up/Theologically Correct/Freedom To Dance/In League With Stationary/Collapsable/Gute Nacht
TP19 WIZARD HO-HO Lovelocked K7 (reissue of an old Traumatone release)Phobia/Serial Lover (Patriarchal Arm)/Revolvin'/Laughing/Sensible Blues/Stark/For The Last Date/The Mirror Song/Whether Weather/Borrowed, Not Given Back/Undergrown Overgrowth/Wedding Day/I've Lost Your Girlfriend/Helium/V. Wild Flower/Toilet Trolls No. 2
TP20   M-WAYS Slippery Trip Hazzard K7 (reissue of an old Traumatone release. Also on Bacchanalian Revel)Slippery/The Wolf Thing Of Snape/Bucket And Spade/Seven Tree Solution/Diana Doesn`t Care/This Then Is The Purpose/Love Thing (Corrupted)/Icenti Warrior (In Two Parts)/Trip Hazard/Jenifer Is There Anywhere/Not Getting Younger/Cowboys And Indians/The Deal/Drowning At Last/Caveman Got A Lot To Say/Sunniside/Rich****ard
TP21   SPACEHOPPER Smorgasboard K7 (reissue of an old Traumatone release) 
TP22 SPACEHOPPER Acquascutum K7 (reissue of an old Traumatone release)Still/Blackbetty/Monsoon/Ride, Find, & Linger/Idyllicut/Unknown/Who Dares Wins?/Battery/Moonrain/Kungfufighting/Aper/Ghostsong/Bleeding Through Your Door
TP23 BUCKNALLS Laughing Together In The TWA Lounge K7 Terminal Swapout/Spitball Summer/Hidden Agenda/Angelstance/What Happens When A Band Breaks Up?/That's What You Always Say/Keep It All In Check/Hit The Rock With Your Staff/Second Disappointment/Mauretania/The Sick Angel/Hot And Cold/Atavista/Accepting Defeat/Cooking For One/Undivided Innatention/Indoctrinate My Way Into Your Heart/The Power Of Positive Thinking/Postcards/Listen To The Radio/Bright Colour Girl/Trans-World/Firing Kate