This is an attempt to create a complete Traumatone Records discography.
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TT01 VARIOUS ARTISTS Mass Listeria K7 UNPLEASANT HEAT Seahorses/THE CRENOLS Such A Shame/WIZARD HO HO Lizardy Eyes (Deja Vu)/BLUEJEAN MORROCAN HIPSTERS Submarine/SAUCEPANS Little Mary (Goff Ho!)/LEGENDARY Untitled/EARL Tribute to Shonen Knife/OSRAM Unnatural Disaters/POO & WEE ...Babe
TT02 BLUEJEAN MORROCAN HIPSTERS Jed Prentice & The Crazy Car K7Jed's Gone & He's In The Wrong/Nosy Martha/Hitching Down To Phoenix/A Summers Day in L.A./Escape To The Moon/Jed In The Sky/Back To The Asylum
TT03 VARIOUS ARTISTS Perinuritis K7POO & WEE Men & Ladies/WIZARD HO HO-MATERNITY BRA Love Theme/THE CRENOLS Amazing Grapes (Live)/MUSHROOMS Mushrooms Mk.2/THE OBSCENE MEN Song For Nothing/THE ALKOMPOSED Shirty Larry Rides Again/SUCCESS & PROGRESS La Ballade Des Laides/LEGENDARY Unsuitable Shoes/BLUEJEAN MORROCAN HIPSTERS Escape To Mystic Mountain/EARL & OSRAM I Am Corporate Man/THE ABBATOIR SOUND The Train
TT04 WIZARD HO HO Born Under A Bad Sign K7Orange Bread/Wash/20:20/Bimbo In Limbo/X/Leonid Breshnev Blues/Born Under A Bad Sign/Existing?/Nonesuchedness/Last Ruined Song/Falling & Fooling
TT05 POO & WEE/BUCKNALLS The Golden Panda K7 POO & WEE Hole In Your Soul/You're The One That I Want/On The Inside (Cell Block H Theme)/Bus Stop/Billy Rose (Prison Trilogy)/Killing In The Name Of/Epilogue
TT06 EARL & OSRAM Earl & Osram K7 Cat Got Yr Tongue?/I Am Corporate Man/Candle Scalpel Ballad/Adman Conciusness/What Now Mr. Clever?/Miracle Ineptitude/I'm Into Indie!/Eschaton
TT07 BLUEJEAN MORROCAN HIPSTERS Balen Invasion Incident K7 Simple Peasant Folk/The Coming Of The Balen Funk Ship/Search For The Wise Man Of Plymouth Hoe/Ambush Of The Pagans (Nearby Sheep)/Discovering Bap-City/Balen Siege/Escape To Mystic Mountain/The Mystic Man/Epilogue/Balen Mang
TT08 VARIOUS ARTISTS Extrasexual K7 SHUNKY FINK Mercedes Benz/REFRIGERATOR Sara 99 (Munchies)/TERM DAZE Sinister Nosewear/THE CRENOLS Dancin' Queenie/WIZARD HO HO To Ella Butler/EARL & OSRAM Eldorado/PASTE Lungs/MATERNITY BRA Grow Your Hair/POO & WEE The Poo & Wee Option
TT09 FULCRUM Men Of The Same Sex K7 Gypsy Nowhere/Your Worst Metal Nitemare/Tragedy/Sextruplets/Plunger/Bed In The Corner/Sweeney No. 3/Pheasy/Can I Ask You A Personal Question?/Spiritually Ill/My Dream/Sugarpill/Last Minute
TT10 CHARMS Eternity Beckons K7 Happen/Different/Between Two Fires/Horizontal/Landmark/Only Reason I Pray/Fiona/Turning/Avalanches/Tidal/Book I Borrowed/Way She Died
TT11 VARIOUS ARTISTS West Leg - Some More Songs K7WIZARD HO HO Shaded (Live)/DOG SYNDROME Used To Be My Guy/A POPE CALLED KAROL Not Shallow/REFRIGERATOR Lonesome Surprise (KUCI)/FULCRUM Pugwash Theme/THE BUCKNALLS My Friends Don't Like Jad Fair/SPACEHOPPER Ultrahair/SCORPIO GIRLS & HAPPY STICK He's So Fine/KYTOMATIC The Mirror
TT12 CHARMS Highbridge Dreams K7Titania/Wish It Was Pretend/Shaded/Nocturnal/Sea Air/See Through/Through The Stills/Safely To Ground/The Seventh Is There/Hideaway/Georgina III/Glide/Statue (1 Track)
TT13 VARIOUS ARTISTS Achtung! Weihnacten - The Xmas Fiasco 1992 K7 THE CRENOLS Merry Christmas Everybody/TINKER'S LIGHTHOUSE Away In A Manger/FULCRUM Silent Night/BROWN TOWER Winter Wonderland/WIZARD HO HO Twelve Yeltsin/EGG SLOT Jingle Bells/POO & WEE Merry Xmas (War Is Over)/PETER PETERSEN & THE PETERS Bleak Midwinter/THE MOODSWINGS I Wanna Puppy!/THE BUCKNALLS White Christmas/TERM DAZE Simply.../EARL & OSRAM Festive Noises/SPACEHOPPER Very, Very God/DOG SYNDROME Merry Christmas Everyone/TRAUMATONE ALLSTARS Do They Know Its Christmas?
TT14 VARIOUS ARTISTS Am I So Different? - A Tribute To The Charms K7 BUCKNALLS Avalanches/WIZARD HO HO Different/BROWN TOWER Georgina/WCKR SPGT Tidal/RESCUE PUPPY TEAM See Through/NAXXAR Tribute/OBSCENE MEN Only Reason I Pray/PASTE Book I Borrowed/SPACEHOPPER Horizontal/WILL SIMMONS-JOE SOWERS Fiona/FULCRUM Tidal/BRENDAN SHITE Book I Borrowed
TT15 BROWN TOWER I'm Afraid My Throat Hurts K7 (also on Theme Park) House/Bye Bye/Bird Woman/Frank Is A Superhero/Birkenstock Sandals/It's Not Nutritions/Wig-Wam/Let's Make Friends/Beetroot/Excellent Bass Lines
TT16 POO & WEE/BUCKNALLS Golden Panda K7POO & WEE Hole In Your Soul/You're The One That I Want/On The Inside (Cell Block H Theme)/Bus Stop/Billy Rose (Prison Trilogy)/Killing In The Name Of/Epilogue
TT17 WIZARD HO HO Confusion & Conceit K7 Interview/Ballad Of The Malady Of The Rich/Hang 'Em High/Fable/God's Little Acher/Wept/Mirage Country/Adolescent Sects/Falling On Each Other's Faces/Twenty-Four Hours In A Day/Message And Messenger/Faces/Faces 2/Faces 3/Almost Ex-Stripper/Ninety-Two/My Little.../History
TT18   VARIOUS ARTISTS Ho! Criminal Face K7MANLYHOOD Ditto/HULA HOOP Darcy has an Evil Twin (Called Marney Sugar)/TRAWLER Windy Bunker/SPACEHOPPER Word Up!/BROWN TOWER Shoplifters/WIZARD HO HO Splitting Into One/LITCHEN Joanne/HULA HOOP Summer Babe/EGG SLOT Self-Denial Process/THE BUCKNALLS Son Of A Gun/FULCRUM Take 5/REFRIGERATOR Sandfish (Acoustic)
TT19 LUMINOUS Luminous K7Think That I'll Stand In Your Way/Prodigal Wordsmith/Found Somewhere/Like A Skin/Clandestine/Vague/See
TT20 VARIOUS ARTISTS Stars On Ice K7DISKOTHI-Q Lucky/LAURELS Never Liked You/TREE FORT ANGST Miss You Easy/REFRIGERATOR Love In The Afternoon/BRAINIAC The Drag/LAMBCHOP Loretta Lung/WCKR SPGT Only Child/THE BUX Fuck The New Day/DASHING ICONOCLASTS Superball/DUMP Flax/NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Missing The Paint/CROP CIRCLE HOAX Nothing Nowhere/WILL SIMMONS & JOE SOWERS Tiny Little Small/DITCH WITCH Explode/PASTE Paraguay/WINGTIP SLOAT Crambo Crambo/SWEAR TO GOTH Road To Finstewald/SPENT Foreign, Like A Car/JUNKET New Song No.2
TT22   SPACEHOPPER Smorgasbord K7 (reissued later on Theme Park) 
TT23 NANCYMAN & THE UNDERCAKES A Frog Called Wenda K7When The Songs Sung/The Wayback/I Have Choice/Fugitive Heart/The Grind/Roman Knows Best/M.F.L./Familiarity/Running Scared/Post-Impressionist/Coffee Tablequintology/Untitled
TT24 VARIOUS ARTISTS I Love Orkney K7*BROWN TOWER Lassie/WILL GODDARD Bevelled In Hiplanger/CHEAP DRILLS Bright Colour Girl/HALF PENCIL Lost In Linley/POO & WEE Grease/BUCKNALLS Hidden Agenda/ADEQUATE & AMPLE Rip Her To Shreds/DUNCAN FOLEY'S ORGAN Suede Medley/WILL GODDARD Transitory/WIZARD HO HO Armageddon Barbers/EARL & OSRAM No Safety Zone/SUGAR RAYS Craze (Live)/THE SHUTEYE SHITKICKER Untitled/WILL GODDARD If Not During/NANCYMAN & THE UNDERCAKES Non-Talking Heads/SPACEHOPPER Thanx!
TT25 BROWN TOWER Colgate Routine K7 (reissued later on Theme Park) You're So Immature/The Chicken/Lufthansa (Vegetarian)/Mom And Dad Told Me/Chew/Green Point/Colgate Kiss/Wood Chip/Getting Things Straight/Don't Shave Your Legs/Vitamin C/Ditto/T.S.A.R./Down With Country Stacking/Animal Blanket
TT26 WIZARD HO HO Lovelocked K7Phobia/Serial Lover (Patriarchal Arm)/Revolvin'/Laughing/Sensible Blues/Stark/For The Last Date/The Mirror Song/Whether Weather/Borrowed, Not Given Back/Undergrown Overgrowth/Wedding Day/I've Lost Your Girlfriend/Helium/V. Wild Flower/Toilet Trolls No. 2
TT27 WCKR SPGT Pure Heaven K7 (also on Car In Car Disco Product)Breakfast At Epiphany/Effective and Still Sad/Times For/The Crucifixion Of Mr. Finicky/Vicarious Nephew/Iz One Z/Relegation/Heavenly Love/Envisioning Sex/Dairy Fire/White Foam/Nothing To Write Home About, Really/Evening Gown/When Love Is Unlikely/Pure Dynamite/You're Old/A First For Everything/I've Got Your Nose/Clown Boy Division/Avenue Of The Giants/Crumbly Man/Sweet Nothings (Going To Burma)/Many things/Icy Flies/Intimate Self/Ron Howard/Fake Part/Heir baby/Furniture Store/When The Cows Come Home
TT28 WCKR SPGT The Charles Mansion K7The Backyard/Respect For Lawnmowers/Unfair Prospects/The Big-Faced Girl/History Repents/Because (She'll Do Anything)/Elegant Dirt/Lost In Texas/Intuition And Stupidity/Elegant Dirt Pt. II/Should I Go Inside?
TT29 M-WAYS Body Of Archers K7 (also on Bacchanalian Revel)Nice Places To Be/Fossil Song/C-Fish/Down In The Field/Acid Bonedance/Man On The Tracks/Waiting/Heaven And Hell/200 Too Many/This Is The World/Airfix Dance/Zahaus-Sleep And Know/Devil's In The Kitchen/Body Of Archers/Unbalanced Stabilizer/Copper Beech
TT30 CROP CIRCLE HOAX/SPENT/LAMBCHOP Sorry About The Deformed Heart K7CROP CIRCLE HOAX Tried To/Change Me/Fail/Oa Oa Ah/Anti-Matter/Explain/Voo Doo Magic/SPENT Open Wide/Color Bars/Red Ears/Go Ahead/Anytime/View From A Staircase/Utterance/Smoking/Hindsight/Brighter Than Day/LAMBCHOP Begin/Bonsoir Bonsoir/Or Thousand Of Prizes/Breathe Deep/What Was He Wearing?
TT32 BROWN TOWER Dirt's Up K7 (reissued later on Theme Park)Elver Pip/We Stayed At Helmut's House/Make A Sandwich From My Love/Norway, I Ask You/I'm A Big Girl Now/Arpegio Monger/Sleeping In/Dirt's Up/Theologically Correct/Freedom To Dance/In League With Stationary/Collapsable/Gute Nacht
TT33 PASTE Crosswalk Sister K7Strands Of Hair/S.A.S.E./Enamel And Static/Static/One Way Train Ride To Vegas/(Proof Against...)/Couch/Embrace/Perfumed Stationary/Suck Honey Shiver/Crosswalk Sister/Shears/Gtr Solos II/The Gold Diggers
TT34   VARIOUS ARTISTS All Of Our Teachers Were Wise & Good K7 
TT35   SPACEHOPPER Babygrow K7 Loud Unseen Silence/Bowstring/Raven/Dead Pretty/Sand Walker And Skychaser/Lost My Balance/A Celebration/Magnum PI/Bring Down The Dawn/Barefoot Ignorance/Romany In Winter/For Your Sake/Curl In Wonder/A Scene For U + I/Escape From New York
TT36 WIZARD HO HO Snap, Tabernacle & Pop K7Shock Laughter Kills Cowboys/Hallowed Weened/Days In Our Lives/Ready Settee Go/Class Surfing/Less Of More Of That Jazz/Lardy Cake Mystery/Closer To You/Another Of The Damned/Six Plans On The World/All For Fun/The Tongueless One/Rubbish? Probably
TT37 NATIONAL HEROES Hardcoremellow K7 (also on Catsup Plate, reissued later on Theme Park) Country Heroes/The Comedienne/Horses Smile/Lady In The Black Coat/Hardback Author/Time Travelling/Moroccan Drifter/Too Close To The Sun/Rave Shelter/All Things In Between/Dawn Davies Loves You/Year Of The Late Night/All My Circles Are Ovals/The Sea Of Tranquility/The Drum Throne/Pete's Bolero/Ymbrella Shop/The Last Nan/The Final Beginning
TT38   M-WAYS Slippery Trip Hazard K7 (reissued later on Theme Park and Bacchanalian Revel)Slippery/The Wolf Thing Of Snape/Bucket And Spade/Seven Tree Solution/Diana Doesn't Care/This Then Is The Purpose/Love Thing (Corrupted)/Icenti Warrior (In Two Parts)/Trip Hazard/Jenifer Is There Anywhere/Not Getting Younger/Cowboys And Indians/The Deal/Drowning At Last/Caveman Got A Lot To Say/Sunniside/Rich****ard
TT39   DENT Dairy Tape Of Family Cooking K7Weak Child/Ho Ho/No. 4/Precious Little/Examination Board/Homely Chorazina/Telling Boy/Desires Of Today's Youth/Sympathy For A Lightbulb/17. Rising Scale/Miami Polka/Craven Is Sick/Fuzztuba/70's Places/Swing/Blister/C.Mia/Box, Film, Disaster/Soul Tarnish/Having Nothing/Forever Misinterpreted/Layered Open Room/Spit Hatred/Hating The Summertime/Film Sound Experiment No.1/To Experiment/Lost And Made/Suckered/Upstairs The Vom.../Woo/Allie/Swollen/Aurable/Extra Out Of/My Only True Ability/Save Unimpressed/Than/Intro (Unfinished Cut Up Exp)/Obese Canines/Stained Glass (Remix) (Excerpt)
TT40 VARIOUS ARTISTS Drew Ramirez In Air Disk King K7 NIK'1'NIP Pipe Down/NATIONAL HEROES What Is Truth?/YAK & I Live Too Close To The Freeway/M-WAYS Traumatoned/THE DEREK LORDS She Was Poor But She Was Honest/JOHN'S BLACK DIRT Crushing Crush/BROWN TOWER Goodbye To Love/CUB I'll Make It Up To You/BUCKNALLS Hot And Cold/LAUNDROMAT Summer Squall/SPACEHOPPER By The Light Of The Magical Moon/BUNNYGRUNT Mst3k/T AT THE VICARAGE Clara/SPEEDBUMPS The Razor Jar/BOTTLECAP Brillopad/HALF PENCIL Wear My Ring/FLINGE Something New/AIRLINES Empathy Box/LOSERS Lost In The Translation/JOHN DAVIS Bakery Song/THE TRIPLE THICKS Laughing/THORNUCOPIA Lesson Time/WIZARD HO HO & THE NOLUM CISTERN Little Pink Dress
TT41   BROWN TOWER Lung Beer K7Brr!! Shoplifting!!/Vitamin C ("Clothes Off" Demo)/Green Point (Gone Wrong)/Green Point (Live)/We Stayed At Helmut's House (Birk Demo)/You're So Immature (Live)/Norway I Ask You (Goodbye World Cup Demo)/Goodbye To Love (Live)/Theologically Correct ("Ruined" Demo With Mike)/Interlude/Let's Make Friends (Live)/Woodchip ("Wurlitzer" Demo)/Indie Dance Bird Woman Called Heather/Frank Is A Superhero (Live)/Shoplifters (Live)/Arpeggio Monger ("Coca Cola" Demo)
TT42   SPACEHOPPER Licketysplit K7 I Can't Stop Breaking Down/Nerve Severe/Late Nite Geisha/Goddess Honey And Sandman's Soul/Female/Girls In Slinky/Lozenge/Feline/The Professionals/Smoky Lounge Bar/Occur/Late Nite Geisha Girls IV/Spoilt/Phobia/Slinky Smoky Lounge Bar/Deafening Silence/The Redeeming/Cajine/Curvehold/Late Nite Geisha Girls In Slinky Smoky Lounge Bar
TT43 YAK & Songs For Birds K7 The Pretentious Love Song Of The Angstful Intellectual/Raisins & Almonds/Milton/Scaffolding/Becoming The Floor (Proto)/Entrácte/Plexiglass/Hooray For Walls/Sleep/The Color Of The Sky/Pollen/Ukelele/Just For Once/Crocodile & Plover/Outside The Passage Of Time/Go To Your Job/Skin/What A Happy Day It Is, What A Happy Day It Was/The Delusion/Spine/Global Reupholstery/Guardrail/Untitled/Chain Of Twigs/999,999/Gumby Dreams Of Assault Weapons/I Danced With Flies In A Closet/I Went Out To Walking/Olives/Satan's Leg Hairs LIVE @ Pehrspace/Primitive Light
TT44 WILL SIMMONS Beautyrest By Simmmons K7 (co-release with Bees Make Honey)Tiny Ankles Dance/Sumption Wind King/B.H.S./Deep Ocean/Get It Together/Under The Waves/Naked Skins (Excerpt)/One Of Two Things/Spiritual/Taking Me On/Turkey/Did Too/Man's Inhumanity To Man/I Will Subscribe/The Magic Combination/Bongo Fetish
TT45 WIZARD HO HO & THE NOLUM CISTERN Absence Of Light K7Away Pt 2/In The Half-Light/A Very Empty Year/Mr. Clippy Cloppy/Ferooty/Feelings/Commitment/Almost Goodbye/Abandoned Bolero/Eden/Unpublished Memoir/Bonfire Factory/Book Of Words/Sadly The Life/Levitation Windows/Bunch Of Bunches/Private Heaven/Away Pt 1
TT46   RIK ALBATROSS The Gozo Tapes K7Sky Blue You/Magic Morning/Louise/Hello Mtn Goats/I Went To John's House/Batmans/I Wish I Was/Billy The Kid Wears Magic Shoes/Goodbye Goodbye/Indian Hill/You Really Hurt Me/Space Girl/Tom Calls With Eggs/Deep And Cold/The Beach Song/Brazil 0 Rik 2/Jovian Probe/Sailing The Seven Trees/Dream Monster/Mark Givens/From Then Till Now/The End
TT47   WARSER GATE Kentucky Racing K7 Futile/Low And Sickened/Open Up The Heavens/Split Away Exertion/Microscopic Pin Prick/On Clay Swirls The Stick/Buffers Retro-sit/Jaded Figure Authentic/Hidden Cries/Twelve Necks Of The Stow/Crazed Delerium Onset/Columbas Draining/Prowler/Hollow Ground/Brave New World/PROBE
TT50 SPACEHOPPER Aquascutem K7 (reissued later on Theme Park)Still/Blackbetty/Monsoon/Ride, Find, & Linger/Idyllicut/Unknown/Who Dares Wins?/Battery/Moonrain/Kungfufighting/Aper/Ghostsong/Bleeding Through Your Door


TT201 WIZARD HO HO Googalplex And After K7We All Feel About/My Junk/Fire/Rage Soft/Its Me/Driving Without Glasses/The Inlay Brothers/Christmas Sun/Incontinental/Jump The Grand Canyon/Shock Single Approaching
TT202 SPACEHOPPER & LOOSE CONNECTION Honeysuckle K7 (also on Bacchanalian Revel)Anthemic/Evelyn Tremble/Disco Embargo/Sons Of Pioneers/Otherwise/All She Wants Is.../Look Of Love/Uncomfortable/Removal/Emergency Mountain Rescue/Diner's Club/Nadiuska/Lefthanded


TT301 EARL AND OSRAM Strategic Commissions 1992-1999 CDRCat Got Yr Tongue?/I Am Corporate Man/Candle Scalpel Ballad/Adman Conciusness/What Now Mr. Clever?/Miracle Ineptitude/I'm Into Indie!/Eschaton/Knife/Unnatural Disaster/Eldorado/No Safety Zone/Next Years Scandal/That's Some Car You Have Thayre/Pop Rock/Suburban Intoxicator/Balustrader/RU486/No Easy Way Down/Futurist Carnival
TT302 MATT SEIGNE Stereo Visions CDRSugar Sunbeam/Vanity, Death & Re-birth/I Know You Know/The Calms/Ritual Skull/Double 11/Holy Shit/It's Over/The Refuge/Pictures of Lonely Trees/Paper-View

Vinyl Releases

  VARIOUS ARTISTS Goodness! Lurks Beneath Your Pillow 7" corelease with Theme Park)SPACEHOPPER You've Got Me Wrong/BUCKNALLS Drevracket/FLINGE Fashionvictimesque/WIZARD HO HO Stones