‘A Disgrazia

Number 17

I must confess that I am superstitious, I do not believe in everything but there are things and events for which I take precautions. If a black cat crosses my street, it’s not bad, but if I see a nun I feel an irrepressible impulse and I start to scratch me right there. This is what I do and this is what as a child they told me it is necessary to do because the nuns bring bad luck if you meet them on your path. They bring bad luck, right?

Everyone believes in what they like, right?

The number 17 in the Smorfia Napoletana is represented by bad luck and Neapolitans have always feared it because they associate it with fatal events, something that cannot be confirmed in any other country in the world, where instead the unfortunate number par excellence is 13.

Apart from the black cat, avoid going under a ladder, putting a hat on the bed,Apart from the black cat, avoid going under a ladder, putting a hat on the bed, to break a mirror, to drop a salt shaker at the table.

My grandfather periodically gave me red croissants and horseshoes, he gave them to all the people he loved.

For “Jinx Protecting” by Floating Action I am illustrating the 90 numbers of the Grimace. Here you are on the 17th.

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