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American Monoxide is the solo home recordings of Dimitri Manos, the multi-instrumentalist that has recorded with Golden Boots, Krab Legz, Dr.Dog and half a dozen of other bands in the Tucson area.

One of Dimitri Manos personal rules according to 50thirdand3rd, is “not write anything before beginning a session”

A brave choice, making speeches off the cuff, improvising is not my strong point. Every morning I find myself in front of a blank sheet on which I have to paint a cover for one of the many projects I am carrying out at the same time, the time I have available to paint is really limited, about a hour a day. I therefore try to arrive prepared, to already have an idea of what I will put on paper. The risk of leaving the blank sheet is there. It happened a few times.

Not being able to paint anything is a kind of nightmare for me, because I love to sleep and blank paper at the end of my painting sessions has the bitter taste of lost time, of time subtracted from the embrace of morpheus.

Therefore I can not help but admire Dimitri.
He just sits down and records whatever comes to mind.

Web Content is spontaneous like the main microorganisms responsible for the Lambic fermentation. Saccaromyces, Acetobacter, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus or one of the hundred different strains that act during fermentation.

Improvised guitar riffs, apparently incoherent and rambling lyrics resulting in a digital and analog wizardry.

It is absolutely not easy to define the music of American Monoxide, once again I resort to the words written by Aaron The Audiophile for 50thirdand3rd: “picture Odelay-era Beck teaming up with Nile Rodgers to record a pop record using a Sega Genesis and a Tascam 4-track recorder. There’s hints and flavors of Devo, Tobacco, and Kraftwerk but manipulated in an alternative sense like Primus meets The Chemical Brothers, making it both psychedelic and insanely catchy at the same time!”

I couldn’t have found better words!

“Web Content” is the first collaboration between AHT and PIAPTK, the first in a long line.

You can listen to ”Web Content” here.
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