Untitled #4

“Untitled #4” is the fourth single taken from Linda Smith’s “Untitled 1-10 Plus 1”.

The song is accompanied by a video shot by Brooke and Dane Sybrant of The Debts.

You should already know The Debts, given that two albums and a cassingle have been released for Almost Halloween Time Records: Montavilla, Customer Service, The Desert. They have participated in all the compilations we have made in recent years.

The video is hilarious, funny and original like all the videos that accompany the songs of The Debts.

I also recognize the place where it was filmed, the basement.

The idea that all the songs on “Untitled” could be accompanied by a video intrigues me a lot. It would be awesome.
If you like, send me your proposals.

Remaining on “Untitled 1-10 Plus 1”, I am pleased to inform you that soon I will start working on the orders received for the second print of the album. The vinyl records have just arrived.